HOLLYWOOD—Talk about a shocking moment, because that is exactly what I experience during the final moments of last week’s episode of “The Oval.” I mean Priscilla taking that gun from the food cover and firing shots at Victoria and Hunter as Sam fired a bullet at her, talk about OMG people! Of course it was just Priscilla having a moment about how she wanted to react, but she managed to contain herself.

This week’s episode, ‘Powerful Hands’ cause the First Lady to speculate that Priscilla knows something. Guess what Victoria, she does know something and its big! Sam urged his wife to go home before doing something that places her life as well as others in danger. Sam is right Priscilla, you are on edge and you’re raising eyebrows. So much for the tension between Bobby and Lilly people?!

Chaos erupted when Hunter and Victoria discovered that Jason was injured after he got struck in the head. Donald spilled the tea about Jason’s latest transgression. Victoria wanted to know the victim, but Donald wanted to stay mum. However, Donald revealed it was Ellie, which worried Hunter. Victoria, you really should be worried about putting a handle on Jason and his antics, and for Hunter to be worried about Ellie vs. Jason says a ton.

Kyle revealed no DNA was found at the cabin, and Donald was not pleased to learn that Bobby and Max are still alive. Really Donald, you just connected the dots that Lilly has been playing you like a fiddle. Oh, Kyle playing with someone’s child, particularly Max’s is NOT SMART! You’re about to ignite a crazy war and that is not good to say the least. Hunter really, this is not the time to make advances on Ellie after she has just dealt with such trauma.

Talk about an interesting dynamic, Sharon and Barry came face-to-face in the elevator, where Kareem played protector. He learned about the engagement, called Sharon names, as Kareem was about to come to blows. Sharon was in tears, and Richard was forced to inform Barry that Sharon lost the baby when they came searching for him. For once, Barry was speechless and broke down in tears over the situation.

Allan wanted to know Jason’s condition, and Donald made it clear he should keep his mouth mum. Kyle learned that his password has been changed and he is locked out. The walls are closing in people, Donald asked Sam to reinstate Kyle, which he did, but who’s the power player, Donald or Sam? Hunter is a tool people, a serious tool. What a scene? While Hunter was attempting to have sex with Ellie, Victoria turned around in the chair and slapped her in the face.

This woman is vindictive and calculating to the core. So it seems Victoria’s father is offering protection to them; he is the puppet master so if he dies everything all comes crashing down. This is getting interesting as it seems Hunter is willing to take Ellie out to protect Jason, but at the core himself and Victoria. Sharon questioned Kareem’s intentions, where she realized he knew Barry was in the hospital and kept it from her. Relationships are crumbling left and right this week on “The Oval” people. Some raw emotion here and it was some stellar acting if I’m being honest.

Victoria decided to check in on Jason, and dismissed his doctor to converse with her evil spawn. She slapped Jason so hard it woke him out of his sleep. Victoria warned Jason that he is about to get the same treatment that his sister is getting. She was over his antics and I must admit Victoria it was a long time coming. Richard begged Sam to help him take down this cult. Richard knows what’s up Sam; he knows his wife is on edge because you slept with Victoria.

I do not understand this angle of Victoria wanting to spend time with Lilly suddenly because they both hate their husbands to the absolute core. Lilly is totally playing this interaction up and I’m loving it. Priscilla was really on edge with butcher knife in hand as Richard tried to reason with her. He took the knife from her hands as she burst into tears asking about Sam’s affair with Victoria. She was spiraling and on the verge of exploding, Richard tried to calm his pal down, but Victoria overheard and entered the kitchen to confront her nemesis. Talk about a cliffhanger moment people! Oh, I cannot wait till next week’s season finale, it better deliver. Until next Tuesday “The Oval” fanatics!