HOLLYWOOD—It is here people, the season finale of “The Oval.” Last week’s episode was quite thrilling so I had high hopes for the finale, ‘The Last Strike’ as things FINALLY started to culminate. With such a big episode, there was no time to waste, with Richard trying to resuscitate Nancy after she hung herself. I mean he lost Barry, I don’t think Richard can take losing his wife. While on the phone with 911, Richard starting to perform CPR on his wife, but why the hell would a 911 operator say mouth to mouth is not needed!? Ok, another sign of bad writing from Tyler Perry with this scene.

Sharon found herself being questioned by authorities and she revealed that Kareem confessed to killing Barry. Dale was stunned by the revelation. Dale was on the right track about Kareem being setup, but her emotions were running high. Eli as the Vice President of the United States, your acting is terrible. Simone refused to let what she overheard from her hubby go; yeah, she knows Victoria was the other woman he’s been chatting with. Yeah, things are tense, because Eli’s not sleeping in Simone’s bed tonight.

Victoria contacted Donald hoping for an update, but Donald might not be alive people? Hunter decided to go out on the town against Victoria’s wishes. To ensure Hunter was up to no good, she threatened Alonzo, just as Richard was annoyed to the core as he was trying to get to the hospital. However, he was stopped after the police alerted him they discovered a body that had Barry’s belongings. Talk about whirlwind, as Richard was hit with confirmation that Barry is dead.

Alonzo received a call from Allan about the drugs he took from the pharmacy without permission, as that cartel was about to unleash war. Alonzo found himself in another pickle with Hunter demanding his presence certain to lead to chaos that will not end well. Sam and Max were forced to jump in action to protect Jason, as Kyle implemented a strike team to take him out. Max was asking all the right questions, but Sam was not ready to spill all the tea, but he revealed his involvement in the role. Max was pleased to hear that he could get his revenge on Kyle, and Sam had no problem granting that request. I’m getting excited people, just as Hunter proved he could not be higher than a kite listening to the worst music possible and wanting Alonzo to wear a wig as a disguise.

Sharon and Dale commiserated about their predicament while at the police station, but soon discovered things were bad when Hunter called Sharon right before Richard arrived with bad news and Hunter confirmed details he shouldn’t have known. Hunter indulged a bit too much in that cocaine that was laced with fentanyl that led to him overdosing, but there was no one there to rescue him at the moment? Looks like Allan’s masterplan may have worked people. Kyle and his sidekick were ready to strike, but Kyle wanted confirmation before he made a move.

Kyle made his move, just as Jason and David were forced to arm themselves with gas masks as they dodged the gunfire, and that was just the beginning as the cabin was firebombed. Gunfire was unleashed, just as it appeared David fell off that bike that crashed thru the cabin. Wow, this is an episode, as Allan found himself arrested by the police for his role in the drug peddling. Sam and Max got to the cabin a bit late, but noticed motorcycle tracks.

Sam got some news that was not good people, what it was, the audience was not clued in on. I hate when this happens. Back at the White House, Victoria was not pleased to discover that Simone was the reason she was awakened from her beauty sleep. The catfight is amongst us people and this is a moment I’ve been waiting all season for. Simone wasted no time confronting the truth, but she had the facts misconstrued. Simone was peeved and insults were hurled before threats were levied. After much talk, Victoria confessed to sleeping with Eli and it ignited Simone who unleashed her fury delivering slaps and punches against Victoria. Yeah, the First Lady got beat people, just as the two ladies tumbled over the railing.

Great episode, but way too many questions unanswered for me. Is Donald really dead? What about David and Jason? How about Hunter? Is anyone going to save him? How about Nancy? Do you see my point? The audience has way more questions than answers people. I would love to tell you when “The Oval” returns, but I don’t have that answer to that question, but when it happens, be certain I’ll let you know.