HOLLYWOOD—Talk about a season finale people. Yes, the fifth season of “The Oval” came to an end this week and it was shocking to say the least. Everything came to a head with the episode, ‘Wild Wild West’ that kicked off with a moment that was a bit depressing with this circus involving Richard and Nancy. I know they are grieving Barry, but this writing between these two characters feels so forced.

Tyler Perry needs to get rid of both of these characters at this point because they are worthless and don’t add anything to the narrative that as a viewer makes you want to watch. Richard really picked bad timing to drop the divorce ‘word’ to Nancy after they both discovered their son was murdered. I have a feeling that Richard is going to regret his latest move before the episode ends.

Simone was worried about some major event unfolding at The White House, and was asking for Priscilla’s ear to learn the truth. Alonzo spilled that Victoria is no longer in the Infirmary and that Secret Service Agents were being replaced. Kyle warned Dale that if he left his place it would be bad because of the information he overheard. Yeah, Donald and Kyle speaking reckless with another person hiding out is not the smartest thing. Kyle you are terrible at creating a diversion, as Donald pried for answers on the emergency meeting at The White House.

Victoria informed Eli that her father is furious and that dear ole dad is planning to take down Hunter. He warned Victoria that if things explode the ripple effects are going to be far worse than imagined. Eli you are not going to make Hunter leave the office that he was elected into. Donald was hoping to speak to Eli, but he was chatting with Victoria and he got nothing. It was so much fun seeing Donald not have the power he used to have.

Priscilla scolded Richard for showing up to work when he should be grieving. Richard pegged the individuals who appear like Secret Service agents are not actual agents. Sam was forced to spill that he was hiding Jason in their house, causing Priscilla to flip out as Sam noted their house was raided and Jason was kidnapped. Priscilla is right, this is a set-up, and they need to be on high alert. Thirty minutes in and nothing of actual excitement has unfolded, as Simone was making her way to The White House.

Eli was given one hour to make a move to get Hunter out of The White House, as more threats were veiled by Victor’s mysterious father. Victoria was stunned to come face-to-face with Jason who was being held against his will by Agent Aaron. Jason got free and dropped a kick on Victoria as Aaron battled agents. Hunter was pleased to see Jason, but the feeling was not mutual. Hunter made it very clear he was handling Victoria to protect his son.

Jason was skeptical about Hunter’s truth, but Hunter called him out on his wicked deeds. Hunter spilled that Victoria was poisoning him and that ‘Grandpa’ is about to strike in a major way, and that his grandfather was aware of Jason’s role in his grandmother’s death. Oh, I forgot about that. I like how Hunter spun that tale involving Sam to his advantage. Barbs were traded between Simone and Victoria as Eli learned that things are getting worse and the war is about to erupt.

The battle was moving, as Sam alerted Priscilla and Richard that he planned to visit Hunter face-to-face; that resulted in Eli, Simone, Victoria, Donald, Allan, Max and Bobby appearing as a united front. Hunter questioned Sam about hiding Jason from him, as Aaron learned that he was in danger. Sam and Aaron went to battle and Sam was overthrown for a bit, but the two continued to fight as Hunter made his presence well-known. Eli and Victoria stood their ground, as Hunter unleashed his men and these looked like mercenaries. Eli raised his voice, but it didn’t look good. Guns were about to be drawn and people were about to get hurt.

Donald tried to make a move, but Hunter declared war in the final moments when announced he had Special Force Ops in his pocket, as bullets started to erupt just as the episode ended. Just when things get good, the episode ends and now audiences will have to wait and see who was injured, who might be dead and what happens next. Until then “The Oval” fanatics!