HOLLYWOOD—Cliffhanger, what a cliffhanger, the mid-season finale of “The Oval” concluded with a major bomb being dropped: Richard learned Nancy slept with his father, who was Pinky’s dad. On top of that Priscilla learned Sam slept with Victoria (The First Lady) and Bobby and Lilly were busted by Donald. The second season picked back up with the episode, ‘The Target’ which saw Hunter ready to blow up that cabin where Bobby, Lilly and Max had been hiding out.

Barry was issued a major threat by Ruth and her cult members to stop digging for information or else bad things are headed his way. Sam checked in with his protégé about that murder scene involving Jean and her boyfriend and how he wanted his pal to do his best to keep things under wraps as he does more investigating. Ellie had another confrontation with Allen.

I have no idea why these two are still together if they despise each other. They are staying with one another out of convenience. Ellie is an idiot, Allen has every right to be livid, but you don’t hit a woman because you’re angry with being betrayed. It’s best to pack your things Allen and move along. It does look like Allen might be plotting his revenge against Hunter, looks like that serial killer of a son, Jason might get his way after all.

Hunter admitted he was responsible for the cover-up involving Jean and her boyfriend, thanks to Jason’s murderous ways. Victoria was Victoria people, calling her hubby every name in the book, as Donald interrupted their conversation with news about an air strike against Bobby and Max. Of course Hunter wanted it done, but Veronica was not pleased with this rash decision. Hmm, looks like Victoria is really going to get her hands dirty as she mentioned.

It was interesting to see Kareem and Sharon in such a blissful romance so soon. Lilly really taunted Donald about hooking up with Bobby, as Donald made a call to Kyle to take care of a threat, hmm, I think Donald thinks he has an edge over Lilly, but she might have leverage over him he least expected. Checkmate, it was nice to see Donald realize he doesn’t have as much leverage as he thinks.

Sam came home to Priscilla who was ready to seduce Sam to get her revenge. Yeah, he has no idea she knows he slept with Victoria Franklin, but she posed the question and he refused to answer. She kicked him out of the house, as he tried to get her to talk to him. Kyle stalked Dale who was not happy to see the agent show up unexpected at his job hoping to take him home.

Sam stopped by Richard’s place accusing his pal of telling Priscilla about him sleeping with Victoria. Wow, these pals are about to come to blows over Sam’s betrayal on his wife. Sam was angry and the two guys got into a fist fight, where Richard took a beating over something that Sam is absolutely wrong about. Nancy stopped the tussle as that nosy neighbor stuck her nose where it didn’t belong.

So is this really about to go down, Max and Bobby both taken out by an airstrike courtesy of a drone from the POTUS? Max pinpointed his reasoning for taking down a member of the cult who questioned him about his motives. Bobby is a hot-head for the right and the wrong reasons people. He is a bit too anxious about things. Max knew something was wrong when Bobby shared what transpired.

Max had the right idea, get out of there because someone is about to take you guys out, and Max managed to get them both out of the cabin in the nick of time. Whew, at least we know these two are safe, and that chaos is headed Victoria, Hunter, Kyle and Donald’s way makes me happy. See you all next Tuesday “The Oval” fanatics!