UNITED STATES—The digital business world is a competitive one – there are some IT Companies that are profiting billions of dollars in revenue each year. Say for example you are living in the UK, a Managed IT Services London based company would provide companies of any size and from any industry with the right software to help them grow and evolve constantly.

When one is looking at the Top IT Companies in the world, we need to consider those in IT and Software who are currently trailblazers within their own industry. Would you be shocked to know that the IT industry performed better than any other sector or industry during the current global pandemic and crisis we are facing?

If you take IT Support in London as an example, we have seen a huge increase in companies moving to a work-from-home based setup which meant a lot more work for IT Support Providers. With this being the case, the outbreak did still have a negative effect on things such as the postponement of major investments and advances.

Here are 5 of the Top IT Companies in the World Right Now:

  • Apple Inc. – Revenue: $260 Billion
  • Alphabet Inc. (Google) – Revenue: $161.8 Billion
  • Microsoft – Revenue: $125.8 Billion
  • com – Revenue: $280.55 Billion
  • Sony – Revenue: $80 Billion

In recent decades, these tech companies have become household names and are making some serious money! Whether you are interested in IT Support Services in London or anywhere else in the world, these companies and their partners will give you the best services and solutions out there. You have certainly heard of these names before – if you are hunting for your next tech purchase, it might be worthwhile to have a look at what these Top IT Providers can offer you.

It will be interesting to see how in the years to come how these companies will perform against one another – there is certainly some intense competition within this industry.