UNITED STATES—Delivery drivers are in high demand, so if you enjoy spending time on the road, you might want to consider becoming a courier. However, there is a lot more to being a delivery driver than just driving.

Whether you feel the job is worth it largely comes down to the type of person you are and what you are looking for in a career. Read on to find out the truth about being a courier so you can decide whether it is the right option for you.

You Must Love Driving

Some people prefer sitting behind desks all day. Others like to stay active. If you fall into the latter category, delivery driving could be the right job for you.

You get to spend time outside, as you will be continually stopping to drop off deliveries, and you will be physically active every moment of the day, whether you are driving or wheeling boxes to a customer’s front door.

The majority of your time will be spent on the road, though, so you really do need to love driving if you want to become a courier. If you enjoy the feel of being behind the wheel, encountering different scenery each day, and listening to the radio or podcasts while you do so, you should definitely consider becoming a delivery driver.

Finding Addresses and Optimal Routes Is Easier Than Ever Before Thanks to Software

Gone are the days where delivery drivers get lost and end up pulling over to look at large paper maps. Thanks to software, you do not need to manually check for addresses and spend time locating your position on a map.

While a GPS can be handy, route planner software is what every professional delivery driver should be using. With a delivery route optimizer, you can travel the shortest routes, avoid sitting in traffic and find addresses quickly. With such efficiency, you could even finish work early every day.

You Need to Be Physically Fit

Do not underestimate how physically demanding a delivery driver job can be. Your role will involve a lot of lifting, so you need to have a good level of physical fitness.

You could also be visiting premises where you have to carry items up several flights of stairs. Seeing as you will be making a lot of stops every day and need to stick to your schedule, you cannot afford to not be fit enough for the job.

You Need to Be a People Person but Also Enjoy Your Own Company

In addition to getting to explore different places each day, which could be new areas of a city or entirely new cities or countries depending on the type of delivery driving job you take on, you get to meet a lot of different people.

You will be making lots of stops each day to deliver items to customers, so you need to be a people person to get the most out of being a courier. However, you simultaneously need to be the type of person who enjoys his or her own company because a lot of your day will be spent driving by yourself.

You Need to Be a Good Driver

Not only do you need to enjoy driving to make becoming a courier worth it. You also need to be a good driver. If you are driving a company vehicle, you must be adept at taking on a vehicle you are not used to driving, and because you will be representing a brand, it is vital your driving skills are top-notch.

Bad driving could ruin your company’s reputation. Besides, you should always drive well to ensure your safety and the safety of others. If you want to become a professional delivery driver, it is pivotal your driving skills are excellent.