HOLLYWOOD—Last week Negan and his crew made a surprise arrival to Rick and Alexandria, this week, the audience finally got an update on Maggie, Sasha and the people at ‘The Hilltop.’ This week’s episode ‘Go Getters’ was full of drama to satisfy the soul in my personal opinion. Maggie, who looked like death awoke from a long sleep and learned that her baby is still alive and kicking.

Our prayers have been answered TWD fanatics! Sasha was relieved to hear the good news about Maggie’s pregnancies, but things soon turned somber, when the mother-to-be requested to be taken to the graves of both Glenn and Abraham. Well, well Jesus is back in the mix, providing solace and hope to Maggie in her time of need. Gregory, the leader of The Hilltop was not pleased to hear that Negan’s crew is larger than expected and made demands to rid Maggie of the community to prevent further threat to the group. Well, this guy is a complete a**!

Well, this isn’t a standalone episode, super stoked, as Carl, Michonne and Rick had a tiff about how to survive in the midst of utter chaos. Carl had a bit of a distraction when he discovered that Enid was planning to journey to The Hilltop to pay Maggie a visit, and he washed his hands on trying to rescue a girl who doesn’t want to be rescued. Sasha argued for Jesus to not be afraid to lead his community. Sasha was even willing to leave the community to ensure Maggie was able to stay and receive proper care to protect her and her child.

Carl went back on his word, and came to Enid’s rescue once again, just as Sasha realized The Hilltop was being invaded by walkers courtesy of loud music and several small fires. It became apparent that Maggie, Jesus and Sasha are a formidable trio who were able to dispatch of the walkers, close the gates and protect the community from further threat. Sasha did her best to make a deal with Gregory who refused to barter, but when The Saviors descended he had no choice, but to keep his allies safe. It was a nice moment to see Carl and Enid bond over skating in the middle of nowhere, especially with so much turmoil surrounding them.

Well, we meet a second douche of command courtesy of Negan, but Gregory played dumb, which was a smart move in my opinion. I swear The Saviors are the biggest bunch of bullies in the world; there level of arrogance will indeed be their downfall in the long run. Jesus became concerned when he suspected Gregory was about to turn in Sasha and Maggie, but it was scotch that became the cover-up tale. Carl and Enid found themselves surprised that Negan’s crew had arrived at The Hilltop before them, and the teens shared a tender moment. Jesus took a stance against Gregory regarding Maggie and Sasha that was a game-changing moment in my opinion. Sasha asked Jesus to find where Negan is living as a form of payback. Sasha must have plans as she refused to divulge her agreement to Maggie. Well, we all know why, because Maggie is hell bent on revenge and seeing another friend lose her life to a formidable foe like Negan might be too much for Sasha to handle. Enid reunited with Maggie who was happy to see the young one pay her a visit.

Enid, Maggie and Sasha bonded over food in the final moments of the episode, just as Jesus hopped onto the back of one of Negan’s trucks. There was a surprise; Carl was also in that truck. Oh, man I’m happy to revolt taking place, but I wonder at what cost it will be to our protagonists. Until next Sunday “Walking Dead” die-hards!