HOLLYWOOD—The Commonwealth, just when the audience thought it would be the savior to our heroes’ problems, we learn with each new community there is something to hide on “The Walking Dead.’ This week’s episode, ‘Rogue Element’ focused on Eugene searching for Stephanie who has just vanished people. I will admit Eugene has NOT always been my favorite character. He is that guy that was so scared of walkers and making certain decisions it led to the demise of many and I mean many “TWD” favorites.

At the start of the episode, Eugene was happy waking up in bed next to Stephanie. Princess gave Eugene a bit of advice on how to woo a woman, just as we flashed to the present and it was apparent Stephanie is MIA, but we see an image of Stephanie furiously packing a suitcase to flee the Commonwealth, but the question is why? Connie and Kelly are frustrated that Trooper Davis’ story is being ignored by her boss. Yeah, Connie is a reporter you don’t think she wants to get the truth, that is what a good reporter does people?! Coonie and Kelly started to question how safe the Commonwealth actually is. Connie was hoping to get answers, but Mercer was not willing to allow such a conversation.

Rosita informed Eugene that Stephanie is nowhere to be found people. Carol got closer with Lance, just as Connie felt she was being forced to writer propaganda as the Commonwealth wants to keep things under wraps people. A drunken Eugene recounted the last time he saw Stephanie to Princess, as he has a massive map linking a ton of people and ideas to her disappearance. Eugene was onto something about Stephanie being silenced because the Commonwealth has secrets they want to keep under wraps.

Mercer found himself coming to the aid of a few Stormtroopers (yeah, I really hate using that term, but it is what it is). Connie and Kelly continued to push Mercer for answers and discovered that the woman that Davis took hostage in last week’s episode was Mercer’s sister, another stunner she is related to Stephanie! That fisherman found himself taken into courtesy of Hornsby, just as Princess and Eugene found themselves busted. Uh-oh, chaos is starting to erupt inside the Commonwealth courtesy of our protagonists. Calhoun was the last person to see Stephanie, just as Princess and Eugene discovered from Hornsby that he could face charges if he doesn’t admit guilt

I must admit I love this mystery of NOT knowing all the inner workings of the Commonwealth, but at the same time, I need more teases of information to give us an idea of where things are headed. The mystery continues as Connie received a list of names, with one name standing out: Tyler Davis. After all that searching Eugene came face-to-face with Stephanie, who has played him for a fool. Hell her real name isn’t even Stephanie people! Eugene was very frustrated with the circumstances people, so much to the point that a novel, short story or script that he had been writing he torched.

So exactly what is Stephanie up to with Lance? How are Mercer, Stephanie and Max connected? What is the Commonwealth hiding and why hasn’t anyone connected the dots? So many questions so little answers. Until next week “Walking Dead” die-hards!