HOLLYWOOD—Last week, “The Walking Dead” caused fans to fear that something horrible might transpire between fan favorites Maggie and Carol, but after a bloodbath at what is presumptuously Negan’s camp, the ladies made it out alive, but not unscathed. This week’s episode, ‘Twice As Far,’ saw Rick and the crew return to Alexandria.

It was very evident to Daryl that the Carol he knew post the kidnapping is not the same person. He can sense her distance, and Carol seems to be utilizing religion as a higher power. Denise, Rosita and Daryl discussed making another run to get supplies. Denise wanted to prove herself to the crew, but both were hesitant to allow someone with no experience in the outside world to tag along. The three amigos journeyed out, but a division became evident when Rosita chose the tracks, whereas, Daryl and Denise took the woods. Ok, this does not look good.

Out on another run were Eugene and Abraham. The two pals haven’t shared much screen time, but are back in the foray. Eugene, if you think you’re a survivor it’s only because of the people who surround you. Denise, Daryl and Rosita broke into a building, just as Eugene and Abraham arrived at a factory to create bullets for their arsenal. Wow, Eugene wasn’t afraid to kill a walker, but per usual, he wasn’t able to take out the threat, and Abraham saved his life yet again. The two got into an argument as Abraham made it clear to his friend that he is not a ‘survivor’ no matter how many times he tells himself.

Am I predicting something here? Could Eugene finally be goner, because his arrogance caused his protector, Abraham, to walk out on him. Daryl utilized his nifty tools to break into the pharmacy, just a constant sound unnerved Denise. Instead of waiting for Daryl and Rosita to show her the way, she decided to venture into unknown territory and came face-to-face with a very dilapidated walker. Yeah, she was freaked out by seeing a kid’s shoe, but what person with emotional heartstrings wouldn’t feel the same way?

Finally, we’re getting a bit of a backstory about Denise, the fact that she had a twin brother! On their way back to town, Denise splintered from the group and was determined to get a cooler and nearly lost her life in the process. When Daryl and Rosita heard the commotion, they rushed to her aide, but Denise was able to dismantle thewalker, perhaps Eugene should take some pointers from her. Denise has freaking loss her mind, which led to Daryl and Rosita laying into the town doctor for her careless actions.

In a shocking moment, Denise was killed when an arrow pierced threw her eye (as she was giving an epic speech), and the crew were ambushed. Yep, it looks like Eugene once again placed everyone’s life in danger. Darn, Rosita and Daryl were stumped, if Denise would have just kept walking instead of focusing on ‘proving’ herself, she’d still be alive. What sucks, the same guy who stole Daryl’s bike and arrow, was the individual to murder Denise. I must admit, her death was a bit of a sad one, because she had plenty of promise.

In the distance, Abraham was watching Dwight and his gang, as he prepared to take action. Dwight wanted to infiltrate Alexandria and to steal supplies, but with the rage that Daryl had in his eyes, blood was about to be spilled. To hear Eugene snitch on Abraham left me livid; what the hell is this moron doing? Let’s hope for a distraction, which is the case, as he literally bit into the crotch of his captor, before a gun battle ensure with walkers in tow. Daryl wanted to seek vengeance, but Rosita stopped him. Yep, not dispatching of a threat when it’s possible can lead to disaster.

Looks like Eugene nearly met the Grim Reaper, which earned him kudos with Abraham. Looks like Daryl is dealing with some heavy emotions from Denise’s unexpected departure, and was forced to bury his friend. It became apparent Carol has fled Alexandria to deal with her inner demons.

This is indeed scary because chaos has emerged in a way that fans never expected. Wow, wow, wow, with only two episodes left, I’m dying to know who else will perish and what other surprises are in store for fans of the show. Until next Sunday “Walking Dead” die-hards!