UNITED STATES—It is a topic that is not going away anytime soon. It is the talk of the town, not just in Hollywood, but in everyday settings as well. If you’ve been living under a rock, allow me to lift it up, because I’m referring to the weight loss drug debacle. There are a ton of them out there, some of the popular ones being Ozempic and Wegovy. So why has this become such a heated issue? I think people just want individuals to be honest about their predicament if they’ve lost a ton of weight recently; especially if it was a quick turnaround.

You don’t just lose 50 pounds overnight and if an everyday person or celebrity thinks that they have to be losing their mind. Look, when it comes to health, what you do with your body is your decision, but when you appear in the public spotlight, you can’t just expect the public not to want answers when they see a vast difference in your appearance.

Yes, this week the talk of the town was singer and talk show host, Kelly Clarkson, who mentioned she is taking a drug/shot that impacted a significant weight loss in recent months. She initially told a publication the weight loss was a result of changes in her diet and walking, but not many believed that. The credibility issue, I don’t care about. My point is either say NOTHING AT ALL, or just tell the truth.

If you’re taking a drug for weight loss so be it; who actually cares. Not many do, people just don’t want you to lie to their face about it. Hell, anyone who watches Bravo knows half of the “Real Housewives” are taking the shot for weight loss; some have even admitted it. That is the trend; if you want to look thin and svelte, you need to take the shot.

Do I think women are being scrutinized harsher than men? Absolutely, and I can tell you there are male celebrities and those in Hollywood who are absolutely taking that shot, they just haven’t been exposed at the current moment. We don’t know the side-effects of taking the drug; no one does. It is something still being explored and examined and like any drug there ae always side-effects. The drugs can’t just be a quick fix to lose weight without having something unexpected happening to your body.

One of my concerns about the weight loss drugs is that the cost are skyrocketing because of its popularity. This just goes to prove my point that pharmaceutical companies are all about one thing: MONEY! They don’t care about helping Americans, they care about helping their pockets and that is with any drugs that are prescribed in this country. The drug has become so costly people who actually need it, like Diabetics, don’t have access to the drug because they can’t afford it. Yes, the drugs were aimed for to assist Diabetics in battling their disease.

Tell me America is that a good thing? Of course not, which means shouldn’t we be doing more to ensure those who NEED these drugs have access to them versus those who don’t because a fad of vanity and looks has become so critical. Look, I get it, people struggle with weight and if this drug can help you shed pounds and become healthier that is a plus. I have the issue when people just want to take the drug because they can and they don’t actually need it.

There is chatter that once you start the drug you must remain on it for the rest of your life or you risk whatever weight was loss can come back. It hasn’t been proven yet, but more research will need to be done and we will have to examine the side effects to prove that theory.

If you want to share your truth do it, but be advised if you’re hiding the truth, dodging the truth people are going to ask questions, especially if you’re in the public sphere. The pharmaceutical companies need to realize just because you can earn a quick buck doesn’t mean you should exploit it to the American public but wait this is the United States where earning a buck seems to be the most important thing for most people, but at what cost?

Written By Davy Jones