UNITED STATES—Money. It is the one thing some Americans have, while others are struggling to get more of it. Money is a complicated thing. I know people like to think you can just clear your mind, put it into the universe and loads of money is going to just start falling in your lap. I wish that was the reality, but it is not. I do believe thinking positive and having a clear energy about focusing on those things that will draw that money your way is crucial to bringing it to your orbit.

Money comes and goes America. You cannot take it with you when you die. Well, you technically could have it buried with you, but that doesn’t mean someone won’t try to dig those funds from that grave (it may not be legal, but it could transpire). The thing about money is the fact that so many of us work so hard for it, only to have it continually blow up in our face. We come across a lump sum of money, as many Americans saw in 2020, 2021 and we go spend crazy. Some saved their money, others not so much, and as a result many people might be right back where they were before seeing all that extra money in their pocket. I’m a firm believer you are entitled to enjoy the money that you work hard for and let’s face it there are plenty of us who move Heaven and Earth to make money and I mean in the legal sense. So imagine giving it your all and as soon as you get that paycheck, rather its weekly, bi-weekly or monthly it is completely gone. Is that fun? Not in the bit least America.

However, I think so many Americans make mistakes trying to give advice on money. No one wants to hear from someone who has a load of money to not worry about money. That is easy for you to say that; you know why? Hmm, let’s see: you have loads of money people so it is easy for you to say such a thing and not have to think twice about what is unfolding. You cannot always connect with someone who doesn’t have money or at least they may not appreciate your advice. When you come from money, you cannot always bond immediately on your experience when it comes to money.

That stress about paying bills, how you’re going to place food on the table, taking care of children, ensuring a roof is over your head, someone with loads of money will NOT have those stressors, whereas someone without money will constantly have to deal with those stressors and will always have them hoovering over their head at the same time. However, I did hear a financial expert and life coach chat recently about the issue of money and how your perception in your mind can have a massive impact.

Try to think about money in a way that is not always a worst case scenario, try to see a positive outlook on things, or more importantly ways that you can CREATE or BRING IN MONEY! That is the caveat that you should be thinking about. Ways to bring in revenue, not just the notion that money will leave your pockets as soon as you get it. Become business savvy people; what are you good at, how can you monetize the skills that you have to bring in the money you want to do the things that you want. We all have special skills, some more than others, and on top of that we sometimes have to think of ways that we can generate more money to help utilize that skill to generate more and more to our pockets, bank accounts and so much more.

There was also talk about learning how to resist temptation. Just because you see something and you want it doesn’t mean you have to purchase it America. That is something so many Americans have to fight against day in and day out. You see it; you do not necessarily have to have it. You can want it, but learning how to resist the temptation that may be sitting right in front of you is key to ensuring that the money you have earned stays with you longer than you expect. Consider the money you have and what it is you want to buy and how the money that you currently have can be utilized to purchase a ton of things, not just that one particular item that you have been eyeing.

No matter how old you are, you are always able to learn a new thing or two when it comes to money. When you speak to people you learn about new perspectives, you see new ideas, you hear new thoughts and you understand how money can be your greatest asset or your worst enemy. The key is to NOT allow money to control how you interact with people, what you do when you interact with people and how you interact as well. You are in control when it comes to money, physically and mentally, take that control back and make the decisions that best suit you. Don’t allow others to make those choices for you.