WEST HOLLYWOOD—Actor, author and artist Thom Bierdz is geared up for an exciting 2011, which could include a controversial art show, being on two reality shows as well as “The Young and the Restless.” Thom’s character Phillip Chancellor III is scheduled to reappear on daytime’s number one soap opera in February (for an undisclosed amount of time) and though Thom cannot divulge which two reality shows he is a finalist for, he will know in January if either, or both, cast him for their 2011 season.

Bierdz will not be able to tell us though, because he has signed confidentially agreements. I had to ask Thom why a successful portrait artist, soap opera star and critically-acclaimed author (“Forgiving Troy”) would be interested in reality TV? “Tommy, I am a huge fan of reality TV and have been for 20 years. I feel compelled to share everything about myself, even though I am so embarrassed to be me a lot of the time. These two reality TV opportunities fell in my lap and I really fit the type of people they are looking for.”

Until the end of December, Thom is busy painting. He has finished five of the 15 paintings for a 2011 art exhibition. When I asked him what subjects he is painting, he replied, “Let’s just say I am painting some very well-known subjects in a controversial way.” The look on the artist’s face has me very excited to see these because there is no limit to Thom’s talent or imagination!

Thom’s most recent art piece that impressed me is a painting titled “Carmen,” which a woman’s son, who happens to be a priest commissioned just before her death. The subject of the painting died one day after Bierdz completed the work.

He expressed some out-of-the-box thoughts on the after-life in a recent L.A. Talk radio interview with psychic host Eddie Conner. You can listen atlatalkradio.com/Players/Hifreq-121310.shtml.

Thom’s bestselling award-winning biography “Forgiving Troy” is available at his website ThomBierdz.com.

Photograph of Thom Bierdz is Courtesy:  Michael Tighe Photography