HOLLYWOOD—Well, we knew that Thomas Forrester was up to no good on “The Bold and the Beautiful.” I mean he used that voice changer app to frame Brooke for calling Child Protective Services leading to her now divorce from Ridge, he’s been manipulating Douglas to try to get Hope to spend more time at the Forrester mansion, and his latest stunt, where do we start.

The Hope For the Future fashion collection caused plenty of stress for Hope and Thomas. They had been working long days, long hours; they were basically in each other’s orbits for weeks. Hope for reasons that I cannot fathom, just wants to see the good in everyone. I mean did she not realize that people can be wicked after what happened with Beth? I mean her own cousin, Flo deceived her about her daughter being alive, soon followed by Thomas who threatened nearly everyone to prevent the truth about Beth coming to light.

Yes, Hope the guy who is Douglas’ father is not just manipulative he’s dangerous. Well, after celebrating their HFTC, Thomas and Hope were chatting and he moved in for a kiss, but pause. Hope stopped him before he could make the move. She made it clear that what Thomas was hoping to transpire, was NOT going to happen. Thomas has been shut down, by the woman who is an obsession for him. She stated he was ‘hot’ and he has been running with that for days now, and it appears the manifestations of him and Hope sharing a future are growing and becoming increasingly dangerous in my opinion.

We all know what happened with the mannequin people. The problem is Hope has NOT disclosed to Liam that Thomas made a move on her. She is deciding to keep this a secret, which is going to explode when Liam finds out what he has suspected all along: Thomas is still after his wife! Liam knows it, Bill knows it, Brooke knows it, it just makes me wonder why Ridge, Taylor and Steffy cannot see this. Even more troubling is Taylor! She’s a psychiatrist; these are signs she should immediately be able to pick up on, but she is ignoring them left and right people.

Taylor and Ridge are too worried about exploring their love and giving Steffy and Thomas hope that a marriage is soon happening, that is only going to blow up in both of their faces when the truth about Thomas’ deception erupts. This might be the final nail in the coffin that forces Ridge to realize that his son needs serious help. I mean we all know Ridge has remained mum about Thomas’ confession that he was responsible for running Emma off the road, in addition to he was the one he kept Sheila’s secret about swapping Brooke’s non-alcoholic champagne with real alcohol. He’s already lost one child, I don’t think Ridge wants to deal with the emotional turmoil of losing another child and Thomas’ spiral is indeed coming people.

Brooke and Bill are slightly bonding, but she is holding out strong to reunite with Ridge, even though Carter delivered her paperwork to have their marriage annulled. This only presented glee for Thomas and Steffy, but I wonder how Steffy will feel if she learns from Hope what Thomas tried to do, will she be able to connect the dots? Bill doesn’t trust Thomas, nor has he ever and he’s looking to align with Brooke to ensure her daughter, Douglas and Hope are protected from his wicked ways.

Liam made a mea culpa to Hope for not attending her fashion show, which forced her to be riddled with guilt over not spilling the truth about what Thomas just did, just as Wyatt made his presence known again in LA. However, what about Flo? It seems neither have had a storyline in like 2 years on the soap. Deacon and Sheila, what the hell? Are they just stupid or do they not care? You go to a restaurant in the middle of the night and you don’t think you might not be spotted? Sheila is presumed dead, and if she ain’t she’s a fugitive that Deacon is harboring. I wonder how Hope, Brooke, Liam, Bill, Ridge and everyone else will feel about that reveal, not mention Steffy and Finn when they learn the wicked woman who tried killing them is very much alive and in their orbit still?

I was expecting a bit more mayhem considering we’re in the thick of November Sweeps, but by the end of the week a bomb was dropped as Brooke started to connect dots as to why her marriage to Ridge fell apart. The threat of calling CPS on Thomas came to light and the light bulbs are starting to go off, however, is Brooke smart enough to connect her theory to the one person who would want to take her down the most?