HOLLYWOOD—Well it looks like Thomas Forrester is battling a bit of guilt people on “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Sheila dropped a bomb on him and it was one that he did NOT expect to say the least. Thomas knows that Sheila was responsible for Brooke falling off the wagon resulting in her alcohol binge and led to her kissing Deacon.

Thomas was not expecting that. Why? He was on cloud nine discovering that his parents had reunited and it was a direct result of Brooke being Brooke, but Thomas did NOT expect this twist at all people. Now Sheila has leverage on him, which is not good. It’s almost like being told a secret is the worst thing that can happen to you because once a person tells you something it’s up to you to spill the truth or look guilty by association which I do not think anyone wants to have happen. Ridge is conflicted as ever, even though he has Taylor by his side it is so apparent his heart still belongs to Brooke. Brooke, who has been blaming herself to no end understands Ridge walking away from her, so much to the point that she freed Ridge to walk away from her.

Yes, Brooke Logan did that people, and as a result, Ridge obliged to a degree, but there is a problem lurking and it is indeed a big one. What is that? Brooke has now done a 360 realizing that she must fight for her marriage. You damn right Brooke. There are so many people who are not fans of Brooke Logan, but I think people are forgetting Brooke Logan aka Katherine Kelly Lang is “The Bold and the Beautiful.” She has been here since the start in 1987, her and Eric Forrester aka John McCook. Everyone else has come and gone. There have been a few staples, but in the 35 years, McCook and Lang have never left the soap people, remember that.

Apologies for the digression, with that said, Thomas has been apologizing for Brooke’s behavior which Steffy picked up. So guess what “B&B” lovers if you want some scoop. Steffy will be the next one in line to learn about what Sheila did to Brooke and you better believe she’s going to keep that secret, but at the same time realize Sheila is weaseling her way into her life courtesy of Finn. How would Finn react if he discovers his wife kept such a secret because she wanted to see her mom and father reunited? Not happy people and trust me I’m pretty sure this is how this storyline will pan out, if not you can sue me.

Before you know it, Taylor will be clued in on the big bomb and have to make a decision on rather to continue her charade with Ridge or spill the truth and let fate make the decision for her. This could be the catalyst that forces Sheila to unleash that dark side fans have come to expect and want. She might threaten Thomas, Steffy and Sheila if any of them interfere with her bonding with Finn who she has longed to have a relationship with. I want to see that people badly.

In other news, if it is even news Steffy and Hope had a war of words about Brooke and Ridge with Ridge present. I so wanted Hope to call Steffy out on her slutty behavior because Steffy is one to call Brooke names people based on her previous actions. It was fun, but nothing too outrageous America. I seriously don’t want to even chat about this, but we have no choice: Paris and Carter got busted by Grace.

Grace caught her daughter practically naked in Carter’s bachelor pad. Grace was NOT happy and made sure her daughter and Carter were well aware. Grace is adamant that Paris belongs with Zende, but hell if Zende doesn’t want Paris and Paris doesn’t want Zende why the hell is Grace trying so hard. This is like the first love triangle where all the participants in the triangle don’t want to be with one another. This storyline just is NOT clicking for me and unless as I noted in the past, Zoe is about to come back into the picture, what does the audience have to look forward to “Bold and Beautiful” fans?