HOLLYWOOD—So it was speculated and speculated and we finally have an answer “General Hospital” fans. Esme is Ryan Chamberlain’s daughter. The question I want to know is who is her mother? Is it someone fans have seen on the canvas before and will dear ole mom make an appearance in Port Charles. I see why Esme DOESN’T talk about her father, but her mother that is a sore spot. Is she alive or was she a victim of Ryan Chamberlain people. Guess we will have to tune to find out.

However, we got an interaction between Ryan and Esme and damn has this guy been healing miraculously. Not only can he talk, he can move people. Ryan and Esme have played Ava, Nikolas and Spencer like a fiddle and guess what Nikolas and Ava haven’t a clue. Hell, Nikolas is feeling sorry for Esme not knowing that her father is secretly plotting his demise behind the scenes people.

Yes, Ryan is still obsessed more than ever with Ava and as much as I hate to say it, Ava might see her comeuppance finally come to fruition in the coming weeks. She slightly sealed Kiki’s fate by talking badly about her to Ryan which ultimately led to him murdering her. At the same time, gloating in Ryan’s face when he is NOT suffering from Locked-In syndrome is NOT a good idea.

Something tells me “GH” might be looking to have a big murder in the works with Ryan Chamberlain ready to strike. Ryan’s spree last time led to Kiki being murdered and Lulu Spencer being another target. Ryan’s reign of terror would have to be amplified this time around and I think Nikolas Cassadine could be a target, but it would be interesting to see how that would transpire with Victor Cassadine still in Port Charles and what Victor WOULD do if his nephew was murdered.

I’m really intrigued with this theory people, so I’m hoping this plan for Anna, Felicia, Mac, Robert and Laura to take down Victor does not transpire anytime soon. A Ryan/Victor war would be damn fun to watch America; two Uber villains after one another it would be amazing narrative to witness unfold. Let’s chat about Esme a bit more because she is NOT fooling anyone.

She leaked that video of Cameron and Josslyn having sex, but I don’t know if she realizes she committed a crime and made a new enemy out of Carly Corinthos. Carly in mother mode is amazing to see. She grabbed Esme by that arm and made it clear her daughter is NOT someone to mess around with. Esme then decided to hurt herself to make it look like Carly inflicted the damage. How Ryan feels about that I don’t know. He doesn’t seem to be getting father of the year anytime soon. He is more focus on her carrying out ‘his’ plan not what Esme wants.

Spencer is starting to question Esme after Cameron put a bug into his ear at the fact that his girlfriend might have more sinister plans in play then he knows. That was all, but confirmed when Spencer witnessed something he should NOT have seen involving Ryan Chamberlain who has been moving about as if he’s back to normal. I mean does this facility not have cameras watching a dangerous serial killer 24/7 people.

Jordan Ashford is back in town causing a bit of a ripple in Portia and Curtis’ relationship as they made plans to move in together. On top of that, Curtis found himself cornered by Selina who wanted to use his nightclub as a vessel for illegal gambling. She all but threatened Curtis, as she made it clear Brad would be forced to be a party to the plan. Brad doesn’t know that yet, and his bestie Britt is hoping he can turn over a new leaf, but not if his mobster of an aunt has a say people.

Sonny is being Sonny trying to push Michael and Willow to allow Nina to see Wiley after all the chaos she caused, but it raises a question if the writers are pushing Willow as Nina’s daughter, exactly how does Nelle play into that. Were the two women sisters meaning Nina was pregnant with twins? The writers are REALLY going to have to explain this one to me because I’m trying to figure out how to tie all the loose ends together where they actually make sense.

Nina fawning over Sonny is just pathetic and I really want to see Carly get her vengeance because Nina is walking around Port Charles as if she did nothing wrong, whispering with Ava the other town pariah who has managed to get away with plenty of dirty deeds. I see a double whammy coming during May Sweeps, Nina being blown away discovering that Willow is her daughter and Ava coming face-to-face with the man who shattered her life when he murdered her daughter.

On top of that Chase and Brook Lynn are still dancing around their feelings. Just give into it already; you two have a spark that is fun to watch on the small screen. The spark is back for Brando and Sasha, but it looks like Sasha’s drug habit might be back people as she continues to battle the loss her son. I cannot believe the finger is being pointed at Jake for the strange happenings with Elizabeth and Franco. It seems so predictable that I’m bored already people and not in a good way because I still suspect Liz is suffering from DID and when its revealed I won’t be stunned by that “General Hospital” writers.