HOLLYWOOD—I could sense where things were headed with the newly recast character of Thomas Forrester on “The Bold and the Beautiful.” At first I thought he was just a weasel, but now it has become clear Thomas Forrester has some major issues America. At first it appeared he was going thru the emotion of grief after Caroline’s untimely passing. Realizing he was a single father, Thomas might have to man up and actually be an adult.

Seeing the bond between Douglas and Hope intensify, Thomas comes up with this unique idea that Hope should be with him and act as a fill-in ‘mommy’ to Douglas. Yes, this is crazy, but in the soap world anything can happen. He impersonates Caroline’s writing to a ‘T’ to craft a letter to make Hope think it came from Caroline requesting that she be Douglas’ mother if anything happens to her. With that being said, Thomas has shared a few kisses with Hope, even though she is married to Liam, and has no feelings for him.

Hope is an emotional mess after the loss of Beth, but little does she know Beth is very much alive. We will get to that a little bit later. So back to the present, Thomas is ensuring to do everything in his power to ensure Hope and Liam sign annulment papers ending their marriage. Yeah, I can’t even fathom this twist, but roll with me America cause it gets better.

The Beth/Phoebe baby swap is getting more complicated because more players are learning the big secret. At first it was just Reese and Flo. Then Zoe learned the truth, and then Shauna, now both Xander and Thomas know the truth. Out of EVERYONE Xander is the only person with a moral compass and realizes this truth has to come out. Too bad his girlfriend Zoe thinks otherwise, and now Flo is conflicted because of all the STUFF that has fallen into her lap. Hmm, looks like you might lose it all Flo.

Xander stumbled upon the secret because Flo and Zoe just love talking about a game changing secret in public. He was livid and adamant that the two ladies tell the truth now. When they failed to make that move, Xander was about to spill the beans to Liam and Hope right before they signed those annulment papers. However, just like classic soap fashion, he was prevented from dropping that bomb because Thomas caused Xander’s car alarm to go off and threatened he would not ‘ruin’ this moment.

Threats were made and I can sense with all the buzz swirling about a major player on the soap having a dance with the Grim Reaper in coming weeks, Xander might be on that list. Thomas on edge with some words that Xander echoed decided to confront Flo where he learned that Hope’s daughter, Beth is actually alive. Yes, two people learned this secret within a week, but it seems only one person is driven for the truth to come out: Xander. Thomas really showed his ruthless side this week, not only threatening Xander, but nearly unnerving Flo to the point that she shouted out that Beth is alive.

Would Thomas reveal the truth? Of course not, he wants this secret to stay tight-lipped because if it comes out, it derails his plans with Hope. Was he conflicted yes? And it was a direct result of realizing that his sister is raising Hope’s baby as her own, so if the secret comes out it blows up Steffy’s world. Thomas was just mere seconds of blurting out the truth after seeing Liam and Steffy with Kelly and Phoebe, but he couldn’t push himself to say the words.

What’s the problem with Thomas’ scheming? I sense he will be the catalyst behind the big or shocking death that transpires before the Beth storyline reaches its climax. So expect Thomas to be the villain, and as stated before the Forrester, Logan, Avant, Spencer and Fulton families to be absolutely rocked by this reveal. Not to mention Wyatt is well aware something is up because he spotted the ‘Baby Secret Crew’ as I like to call them secretly chatting. When you pick up on something, you pick up on it and it’s all about getting those wheels turning to decipher the truth.

Inch by inch we are getting closer to a reveal, but man give the audience something big already because this reveal better so be worth the pay off America!