HELLO AMERICA!—People from every corner of the U.S. are waking up to news of gun shooting, desperate moves on civic organization even displaying signs of the Nazi Germany and challenging the reports that over six million Jews were murdered during the holocaust. The nation is not only trying to survive under the attack of the “virus” but desperately attempting to control the explosive, combative voices steaming angrily from various racial communities.

Mini civil wars are suddenly spreading throughout various communities from coast to coast, especially within southern states. Former president Donald Trump continues to paint billboards with his Hitler type expressions of hate and determination to change “Democracy” into Trumpism. There is no Republican Party of Lincoln, simply a wildering broken organization under a sick power group representing only hate, racial separation and big business ruling millions of simple, uneducated people believing and programmed what they are and who they are.

All one has to do is review the films and photos taken during the attack on the Capitol.  There were thousands of Troop disciples of crazed, hatting Troopers yelling for the killing of Nancy Pelosi as well as the Vice President Mike Pence. Hate and all of the impurities were flooding through one space in our nation that represents most of the magical, freedom loving symbols which have made our nation so revered and respected. The gun craze is an explosive concern in every area of our great nation. There is a John Wayne syndrome and other shallow historical excuses to own or carry a gun no matter where one goes even schools or even churches.

We received word that shows such as “I Love Lucy,” “My Friend Irma” and even “Stella Dallas” are being considered to bring back to the tube should the VIRUS continue to linger. Frankly, it would be a treat to revisit some of those old dramas of yesterday. They were well written and produced and the main characters easily were accepted and enjoyed in millions of families. The storylines were fun and family accepting. My grandmother fell in love with the daily drama turns of Helen Trent.

Whatever happened to Ms. Trent concerned my granny; she even prayed for her whenever Helen was experiencing a bad or sad turn in her family. For me, it was the “Green Hornet” or “The Shadow” aired on the weekends. Then, of course, Cecil B. DeMille’s “Lux Radio Theater” aired late Sunday nights. The cast included the stars of films originally appeared in the film production. When finally meeting the legendary producer as a student at U.S.C., I mentioned that I had been a fan of his for years. He gave me a big hug and invited me to visit him at Paramount Studios. This is when he was promoting his “Ten Commandments.”  He was quite a guy.

Speaking of legends, as a student in the drama department at USC, I managed to get a job as an entertainment columnist for the “Los Angeles Eagle” paper. It was a popular Black owned group and was always interested entertainment chatter. As a result, I didn’t hesitate to attend as many industry functions as possible. When fortunate enough to be invited to Jimmy Cagney’s retirement party at the Directors Guild, I not only met Ron Reagan, but Bette Davis as well.

We became fast friends; she even insisted that we get together for lunch the following week for an interview. That was the beginning of a marvelous and exciting entrance which very few youngsters experienced.  She not only insisted that Louis B. Meyer hire me to perform as singer at one of his private parties, but when she was filming “Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte,” Miss Davis after one of the promo gathering lunches at FOX, insisted I meet studio head, Richard Zanuck Jr. She actually took me by the hand and dragged me over to his office and insisted that he hire me as one of his Studio PR Directors. It, of course, made me the first person of “color” to be hired in a position such as that in Hollywood.  I was darn lucky, that’s for sure.

I relate some of the positive happens in my life here in Tinseltown to allow the younger set to never give up.  Believing is a powerful force; it is important to keep a steady eye on the path you find yourself in. Don’t waste time listening to dreamers only; except who you are and spend time adding to the “quality” level or forces within yourself and keep on moving, no matter how many times a door is slammed in your face; believe me, I have had many!

Recently, my agent Lloyd Robinson in B.H. made me aware that my “House on Laurel CYN, Road” has sparked interest. It will star Ruta Lee, but because of the “virus” movement forward has affected it moving into further discussion.  So, being patient is necessary –BELIEVE me folks, I have had plenty of experience with that!  By the way, Again I want to thank all of you folks who have sent me “Get Well” notes and messages, they were and are appreciated.  They all have given me an even stronger determination to keep good things happening, not only for myself but for so many other talented people in the industry who need and deserve that “extra” push of survival as artists.