HOLLYWOOD—I don’t know a kid who was not familiar with the popular animated series “Tom and Jerry” when I grew up. The one with the cat trying to get his clutches on that pesky and clever mouse. After years of entertaining audiences, the dynamic duo has finally made it to the big screen in a live-action version with “Tom and Jerry: The Movie.”

Yes, I will admit seeing animated characters interact with real people was a bit jarring at first, but take the ride because the “Tom and Jerry” movie is a ton of fun. This is an animated movie so kids will thoroughly enjoy it, but there is also something for adults who get to see actual people as well. I could not tell you how stunned I was with the cast for this movie. I mean you have Chloe Grace Moretz, Colin Jost, Michael Pena, Ken Jeong, Rob Delaney, just to name a few. When it comes to voices we have Bobby Cannavale, Lil Rey Howery, Tim Story, as supporting voices for the kooky animals in this pic, while William Hanna, Mel Blanc, June Foray and Frank Welker voice the iconic Tom and Jerry.

What I love about Tom and Jerry as a duo is they remind you of the battle between the coyote and the road runner. One always finds a way to outsmart the other and get away with major mischief along the way. I mean the movie opens with Tom playing music highlighting himself as a blind cat. However, Jerry, that pesky mouse interrupts that chaos and exposes his foe causing him to lose money.  Their battle intertwines with Kayla Forester (Moretz), who is working between jobs and looking for some stability.

In a moment of bad choices, she takes a stolen resume and uses it as an opportunity to get an interview at the esteemed Royal Gate Hotel. She lands that job, but finds herself at odds with her colleague Terrance (Pena) who wants to prove that Kayla is not equipped for the position. In the midst of working at the hotel, Kayla and Terrance are tasked by their boss, Henry Dubros (Delaney) who has been tasked with hosting the wedding of social media titans Ben (Jost) and Preeta (Pallavi Sharda).

Ben likes to live a bit overtop, something that Preeta is not fond of that causes a few hiccups in their relationship leading up to the wedding. This is when the antics kick up as a result of Jerry being an unwanted guest at the hotel, which prompts Kayla to hire Tom to get rid of the pesky mouse who is causing havoc all over the hotel including the kitchen. That is where the tyrant baker and Chef Jackie resides (Jeong). Jeong character is exactly like the person he portrays on “The Masked Singer:” always yelling and over animated. Still he delivered a few chuckles here and there.

I love the moral of the story being even though people might not be the best of buddies they can find common ground by spending time with one another as Tom and Jerry learn. No matter how much star power exist I this animated feature, let it be known the animated characters steal the show, especially Tom and Jerry. I mean there is a moment with Jerry showering, listening to an iconic song from the 90s and just the scene alone will leave you in stitches. That is nothing compared to the outlandish fun that transpires at the big wedding.

I expected “Tom and Jerry” to be fun for kids, but I had no idea how entertaining and fun the movie would be for adults as well. It reminds you of the laughs you had watching the series as a kid, which proves the laughs are just as strong as an adult. “Tom and Jerry: The Movie” is an absolute hoot of fun.