HELLO AMERICA!—It is always a pleasure when my former International Entertainment Editor, Tony Brenna lets loose with his thoughts concerning the entertainment industry or the madness our nation is exercising day by day. His latest film-like scene sermon is powerful, puncturing emotionally, worthy of serious consideration.


You have to be either stupid or uninformed to be a Trump supporter.

I say this after a conversation with a life-long friend who still believes Orange Judas is the best thing that ever happened to America.

After three decades in all forms of journalism, I’m always interested in what makes people tick.

So here are my thoughts about those who support Dirty Donald.

They know little about global politics and have difficulty thinking beyond their own patch.

They seem to live in a constant state of insecurity – fearing they’re going to lose what they’ve got.

They’re scared folks clinging desperately to outdated delusional self-images. They embrace militarism, guns, and jingoistic patriotism – because it makes them feel safe.

The majority are ignorant about the good and the bad of US history. And what they do know is mostly the good stuff.

Ironically, they’re often members of families who in recent times have shed their blood in phony wars like Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Loyal Trumpsters embrace the “my country right or wrong philosophy,” the “We’re the best nation in the world myth,” which is debatable.

Trumpsters don’t want to accept our high infant mortality rates, our huge prison populations (because it’s profitable) or global warming (because they’ll be dead when the worst hits).

Other things they don’t want to discuss include the usurious medical and pharmaceutical establishment – which as well as ripping them off has poisoned many of them with opioids.

And while we’re a nation of immigrants, older Trumpsters fear foreigners (like those from Mexico and Central America) like the plague. Their fear of migrants is nothing compared with their nightmares over of Black and Brown people. Sadly, few Trumpsters qualify, and they’re furious about exclusion by people they sneer at as elites.

Meanwhile, while the rest of the world’s in turmoil, they tune into Fox News — which wants to keep them dumb and uninformed.

Rupert Murdoch, gets richer daily reassuring simple Trumpster minds all will be well, if they re-elect the fastest talking huckster ever to gain high office in this deluded nation.

How can Trumpsters not be suspicious of a leader who kisses up to vile dictators living like kings when their own people starve in rags.

How can Trumpsters give their hearts to a man who lies to them daily, a leader who’s willing to pollute the air and water they breathe, cancel their health insurance and social security?

Why do they like a fraud that doesn’t fulfill his presidential role (other than feathering his own nest and making his repulsive kids richer).

He’s the guy they see daily blowing smoke up their asses. He’s a self-confessed pussy-grabber, an unrepentant whore-mongering moron. He’s husband to a witless wealth-loving former stripper First Lady?

What does it say about Trumpsters (and the so-called religious right) who applaud a geriatric who was once king of the lechery castle, with numerous rich associates who got away with raping underage girls?

That brings me back to where I started. These people are either stupid or just plain uninformed.