HOLLYWOOD—Who would have imagined a sequel nearly 36 years later, would be as epic if not better than the 1986 original. Of course, I know you have not been sleeping under a rock, as Tom Cruise and the hotly anticipated “Top Gun: Maverick” which has been delayed for several years has finally made its way to the big screen and it is worth every moment people. Tom Cruise returns and proves why he is the iconic actor who has delivered iconic flicks for the past 40 years and dare I say this is a sequel better than the original.

Cruise, a lot older, a lot wiser and still is not afraid to tackle his own stunts a lot that involve aeronautical madness people. There is a reason Cruise pushed for this movie to be delayed because it needs to be seen on the big screen for all of its visual stellarness (and that is NOT EVEN A WORD PEOPLE)! Captain Pete “Maverick” Mitchell is still functioning as a U.S. Navy test pilot, one who is not as keen on receiving higher promotions of friends from the past.

Yes, that is correct America, “Top Gun: Maverick” doesn’t just see the return of Cruise, but a heartwarming appearance by Val Kilmer reprising his role as Tom “Iceman” Kazansky, who was once Pete’s rival, but one of his biggest allies in this sequel who has been working behind the scenes to help his pal. Iceman is vital for setting up Pete with a new mission, one where the past collides with the future people. How so? Well, Pete finds himself playing teacher to a group of Top Gun graduates who are about to go on a mission unlock anything they have ever seen people.

What is so amazing about this movie is it hands down has a stellar cast and the chemistry between them all just clicks on all cylinders. Great storytelling, great acting and great director, is there anything more you can ask for? Cruise finds himself teaching Bradley “Rooster” Bradshaw (Miles Teller), the son of Pete’s best friend Goose (Anthony Edwards) who died in the first film. Pete is already apprehensive about the job after learning that he would have to face Bradley and acknowledge what happened in the past, costing Rooster his father. This is a movie that does not shine away from the emotions. Pete has been haunted about what transpired with Goose for years.

There is major tension between Rooster and Pete that is explored throughout the second and third act of the film. That is just one dynamic people. I mean the chemistry between Jennifer Connelly and Cruise is sizzling and you have solid performances by Jon Hamm, Ed Harris and Charles Parnell. Those players are on the older end, but the shine comes from the younger stars that include Glen Powell, Lewis Pullman, Monica Barbaro, Jay Ellis, Danny Ramirez, Greg Tarzan Davis and Manny Jacinto who all play pilots fighting for that top job that Cruise is planning to hand down.

Powell shines in his role as Lt. Jake “Hangman” Seresin, who is a bit of a hothead. He echoes glimmers of a young Pete and starts out as a foe to Rooster at the start of the movie, but that ultimately changes as the narrative pushes forward. Powell brings a ton of charisma to this character, who I could absolutely see as a star in an upcoming sequel in the franchise which after the box-office performance I don’t see how the writers are NOT already working on another sequel people.

The one thing we have not talked about that we must is the fighter jets and the air stunts that just take this movie to new heights. It was awesome to watch the stunts and the visuals on a big screen America. It will leave you speechless and it’s unlike anything you have ever seen before. “Top Gun: Maverick” is not only a movie that is satisfying. It is so good it makes you want to go back and watch the original again and then go back to the theaters to watch the sequel again. I don’t know that many movies that can do that people.