HOLLYWOOD—We’ve been waiting patiently for the answer to the question, “Who is Allie’s baby daddy?” on “Days of Our Lives.” Well this week, we finally got our answer. When Tripp returned to down I didn’t think it was a fluke, but the confirmation came in that encounter between Allie and Tripp where it was made clear they knew one another. Yes, Tripp Dalton, Steve Johnson’s son is the father of Allie Horton’s baby boy, Henry. It was a bomb, but not quite a bomb. Heck, Steve connected the dots faster than Tripp himself about him being the father of Allie’s child.

Tripp was thrown for a loop coming to the realization that he is a father, something he did not expect to say the least America. Allie on the other hand is quite speechless at the revelation that Tripp is more tied to Salem than she could have ever imagined. With that said, Nicole found herself caught in the middle of this bombshell, just as many fans are asking themselves, will she reveal the truth to Kate, Lucas and Sami of all people. Sami has bid adieu to Salem for the time being, as have Eric who is off in Africa. Yeah, I still find it odd that Nicole is still in Salem, yet her hubby is in parts of the world unknown.

With that said, the war between Phillip and Xander is intensifying, and it looks like Xander is up to his old tricks yet again, which are likely to get him in major trouble real soon. He has been chatting up Jan Spears, who Sarah warned him to stay clear from. Too bad he didn’t listen and egged Jan to file a police report against Phillip which resulted in Shawn placing him under arrest, just as Belle decided to take on his case. Yeah, that has to be a sore spot for Shawn who knows his wife cheated on him with one of his besties, so fractures in their relationship are building people.

Jan is not reformed at all people, too bad Claire can’t see it and is still befriending the villainess one. At least Marlena, Belle and Shawn have warned Jan to stay clear of their loved one. Jan is likely to unleash some chaos and the backlash is not going to be pretty America and all that blame will go directly to Sami Brady of all people. Talking about villains, Kristen was taken into custody after Eli snitched about her whereabouts enraging Lani of all people. See I hate characters who tout themselves being holier than though, yet, when they want to do something crooked or illegal its ok for them to cover their tracks because it’s ‘good’ in their eyes.

Lani the law does not work that way, Kristen murdered Haley, got away with it, then attempted to murder Victor and Brady took the fall. Thankfully, District Attorney Melinda Trask is back in action, and she wants to nail Kristen and rightfully so. I mean hello, you murdered her daughter and got away with it. Time to pay up for your actions Kristen and I don’t feel the least bit sorry for you and if I’m being honest if this little lie of Lani and Eli’s comes to light they deserve all the blow back that comes with it. You cannot only use the law to work in your advantage, that’s not how life operates people.

Oh, the other Salem news we have to discuss is that Gwen has been secretly working with Dr. Rolf. We already know Gwen was the person who drugged Abigail, and she has continued that pursuit, to no success. With Abigail heading back to work, they need a nanny and look who volunteers: Gwen of all people. Things are getting very interesting with Gwen, and with Jake not having a clue what his ex has been up to when Gabi eventually returns to town it will lead to an epic explosion that I’m certain will transpire as we usher in November sweeps.