ERIE, PENNSYLVANIA—On July 29, the leading Presidential contender, and 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump drew a record crowd of supporters filling the 9,000 seats, Erie Insurance Arena beyond capacity.

According to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania 2023, Voter Registration Statistics for May 16, 2023, Primary, the voting demographics between the Democrat and Republican parties are really close. Erie Pennsylvania reported 80,867 registered Democrats and 67,187 Republicans. Philadelphia has a reported 775,697 registered Democrats with 114,673 Republicans.

As a whole, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has a reported 3,897,494 registered Democrat Voters, 3,430,366 Republican, 41,814 Libertarian, and Other Parties (non-specific) listed with 1,231,664 registered voters.

Headlines on the DC Inquirer and on Dinesh D’Souza’s Twitter page read, “Trump PA Rally Sets Record – Larger Crowd Than Elton John, KISS, Cher, And Alan Jackson.”

Multiple Trump supporters showed video footage of the Trump Rally and tweeted messages about the crowd., “There must be close to 10,000 people,” one supporter tweeted.

Social media reports relayed that there were massive lines of people outside of the arena waiting to get into the rally.  The crowds were entertained with music blaring with crowd-pleasing tunes such as Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody”, “Gloria” by Laura Ann Branigan, and others.

Pennsylvanians welcomed Trump to the stage with shouts of, “USA, USA, USA,” and “Joe’s Gotta Go!”

In his speech, Trump addressed the Critical Race Theory (CRT), Transgenderism… being taught t in public schools. Trump vowed to go after any school system that teaches these beliefs to our school children.

The Trump Rally took place approximately three days after Special Counsel, Jack Smith, notified former President Trump of the Democrats’ third attempt to indict him. There is no other President in U.S. history that has been investigated more times than Donald J. Trump. 

Historical records indicate that Richard Nixon, who was heavily involved in the Watergate scandal was not investigated as much as former President Trump.

The Democrats have not succeeded in what some Trump supporters call a vendetta against Trump. In seven years, not one impeachment attempt, or Investigation has resulted in any chargeable offense against former President Trump. He was exonerated, it was proven he was not involved in a quid pro quo, and when facts surfaced regarding possible involvement by the Clinton Foundation, they were ignored.

Seven years later, following his 2024 bid for President, Trump is being investigated again, at the expense of the American people.

Canyon News reported on July 14, that the Mueller Investigation cost $32 million, The Durham Report, $1.2 million.  Most recently, the cost of Special Counsel, Jack Smith’s investigation into January 6, and the classified documents found at Mar-a-Lago cost $5.4 million.

Many conservatives have openly accused the Democrat party of using these investigations of Donald J. Trump as a diversion tactic. Conservatives have suggested that the closer investigators get to finding incriminating evidence against President Joe Biden, and his son, Hunter, the more Donald J. Trump is investigated.

It is not clear why no charges were brought against the Clinton Foundation, President Joe Biden, or former President Barack Obama who both also had possession of classified documents.