UNITED STATES—On Friday, May 21, Donald Trump issued a statement on his Save America website announcing plans for the Boeing 757 airplane he used for the Save America Trump rallies prior to the 2020 Presidential election.

Trump indicated that the plane is still getting some restorations in upstate New York, but will go to Louisiana next for “a full inspection and updating of the Rolls-Royce engines,” and “a new paint job.” After that, it will be ready for future rallies.
This plane was reportedly nicknamed, “Trump Force One.”

He traveled on Air Force One during his Presidency, but Trump Force One accompanied the President at some of his rallies and is reportedly one of 1,050 built for 54 people including FedEx and Delta between 1981-2004.

According to Boeing, the first twin-engine, medium-range 757 rolled out of the Renton, Washington factory in 1982. In 1991, another version with a single-engine took off flying over 11,000 feet high in Gonggar Airport in Tibet.

In 1996, another version 757-300 was produced with a 280-passenger capacity. In 2003, Boeing chose to halt the production ending the 23-year run of the 757.

According to reports, both the 45th and 46th presidents of the U.S. have stated they would consider running for President again in 2024. President Joe Biden, 78, indicated he would run again with Kamala Harris as his Vice President. Biden is the oldest President sworn into office.

Donald J. Trump spoke about running again in 2024 or possibly endorsing another candidate.

GOP members are currently still seeking answers to reports of discrepancies that have yet to be resolved in the 2020 election in several states.

In his statements on the Save America website, Trump indicated there will be future Save America rallies with Trump Force One.