EDINBURG, TEXAS—On Sunday, November 19, former President Donald J. Trump made his annual trip to the Texas-Mexico border to visit service members. He served a meal to the U.S. Army National Guardsmen, and the Texas Department of Public Safety officers who work at the U.S. border.

Trump was photographed with some of the 200 fed that morning, and then, in his remarks, he thanked them all for their service, and a job well done.

“You want to make sure your country is safe, and I know that almost every one of you individually…you do an incredible job, and you love your country. You take the hard way out but it’s also the right way out, “Trump stated.

Trump made a campaign promise to protect the border once he is re-elected. “We’re [the U.S] is like a dumping ground and we’re not going to put up with it.” He then criticized the current Administration for their lack of attention to the security at the border.

“Kamala Harris is supposed to be here. She’s never been here. I’ve been here many times. Once we get in…Governor, your job is going to become much easier job.”

While in Texas, the former President received the endorsement of Governor Abbott. The Texas Governor has grown in popularity for his policy of shipping the abundance of immigrants crossing the U.S. border illegally to democrat run sanctuary cities whose leaders have publicly denounced the need for additional border security.

As Trump continues to be investigated, tried, and retried in multiple courtrooms across the U.S., his popularity continues to rise. Newsmax posted the following message on Truth Social on November 20th.

“Former President Donald Trump used to rip polls for being biased against him. Now the 2024 polls are showing the love, Newsmax continued.

“Not only is Trump with a large majority 67 percent support, running away from the Republican primary field by 58 points, he is widening his lead on incumbent President Joe Biden in the latest Harvard CAPS Harris Poll released Monday.”