UNITED STATES−Trump supporters came out in great numbers on Thursday, June 25, 2020. Former Vice President, Joe Biden had a scheduled campaign stop in Lancaster, Pennsylvania that day to speak to families regarding Biden’s claim to fame, The Affordable Care Act, or what has been referred to as Obamacare.

Approximately 50 Trump supporters some in Trump gear and some holding Make America Great Again signs, lined the streets of Lancaster to welcome VP Biden. A large semi with Truck covered in Trump/Pence signage drove down the streets of Lancaster to the cheers of those lining the streets prior to greeting VP Biden as he arrived for his campaign rally.

Democratic Presidential Nominee, Joe Biden

Biden’s initial meeting was at Lancaster Rec Center. VP Biden in a black mask. He was sitting with a small crowd outdoors in a park area in Lancaster, PA. They were sitting on navy blue stackable chairs commonly used in elementary schools. Biden, who had a small kiddie table to the side of him and appeared to be taking notes as people in the crowd gave testimony regarding their health conditions, pre-existing conditions, and their healthcare coverage.


While VP Biden was speaking with the small crowd in Lancaster prior to his campaign rally, Biden reported, “We now have over 120 million dead from COVID.” Biden was wearing his mask down around his chin as he spoke, and he was visibly shaking his head and closing his eyes tight in a gesture that some use when trying to clear their thoughts. This meeting was prior to the Biden Campaign rally that was held across the street at Price Elementary School at 615 Fairview Ave. in Lancaster, PA.

Canyon-News reached out to the Fire Marshall of Lancaster, David Longnecker to inquire about how many people attended the Biden rally, but did not hear back in time for print.