HOLLYWOOD—The guy who had things going his way for months on “The Young and the Restless” was exposed and it left Tucker McCall reeling. Devon Winters has good instincts, but as Audra noted to him he sometimes ignores those instincts; this coming from the woman who just got exposed for working with Tucker to take over Chancellor-Winters.

Devon was livid, Lily was livid and Audra found herself fired. However, that was just the beginning of Devon’s wrath. He confronted Tucker who had just had a great day after having sex with Ashley who was slowly, but surely falling for his charm. Devon spilled all the dirty truth, just as Ashley got a peak of files that Tucker had for Jabot and its financials. Tucker received a one-two punch as Devon made it clear he would not be part of his life, soon followed by Ashley removing herself from Tucker’s orbit.

Tucker was so on a high and seeing him knocked off his pedestal was quite fun people. With that said, he went to the one person I never expected him to entertain: Phyllis Summers. Phyllis was all ears as Tucker talked about burning it all to the ground. Now this immediately caught my attention because I knew Tucker had some leverage on some people, particularly Diane, Jeremy Stark and of course Audra. The question of the hour is just exactly what would Tucker do with this information when he was ready to release it and what information does he have on his enemies turned foes.

I am so eager to see this partnership between Phyllis and Tucker flourish. I mean Phyllis has been trying to warn Jack about Diane who has inserted herself quite well into his orbit. Can you imagine what will happen once Jack discovers that Phyllis has become aligned with Tucker? He will be fuming mad, so this foursome coming for each other’s throats will be a ton of fun.

Let’s not stop our chat on Devon because Audra and Tucker being exposed was just the beginning, he spoke to Jill about dissolving the partnership between Chancellor Winters, to have his company back in his own possession. You know what? I’m ok with Devon making this move. I always felt his hesitation when it initially came up so him making the power play to take back what belongs with him seems right.

Lily was not happy about the move, nor was Jill, but what are they going to do. It gives Devon the autonomy he’s always wanted and it’s starting to prove Devon may be a bit more like Tucker than he’s willing to admit people. Lily was not having a good week. Her relationship with Billy is kaput (FINALLY) and her brother wants to sever their business partnership. With that said, she has an ally in Daniel who was right by her side as all the pieces fell. I love these two together and the fact that the writers are pushing this relationship is making me so happy. I never thought in a million years these two would reunite and now they are!

The same kudos goes for Chance and Sharon who shared dinner together. The two lonely birds have found a lot in common over food and just chatting with one another, just as Abby is realizing her marriage is really over. Chance confided a bit in Sharon about his relationship woes and this is a pairing I can get behind. Chance and Sharon have a bit of chemistry and I want to see this explored more America, as that chemistry-less marriage with Abby is finally over and it appears Devon and Abby are closer to actually giving into the fact that they are more compatible than they think.

There is also the situation involving Sally, Adam and Nick and her bun in the oven. Sally is doing all in her power to sway attention away from Nick and Adam discovering that she’s pregnant. I mean those prenatal vitamins almost exposed her, but Sally did some quick thinking as it is clear that Nick is her choice, but if that baby turns out to be Adam’s it is going to change everything I think in the relationship. Looks like we will just have to wait and see.

Nate is proving it takes a snake to know a snake as he hired Audra as the COO of Newman Enterprises. The fact that Victoria Newman and Victor Newman are ok with this move from a man who has now business experience baffles my mind. Perhaps Victoria and Victor will change their minds when they discover what Audra initially did.

Diane plans to prove her loyalty to Jeremy by stealing a valuable piece of jewelry from her foe Nikki Newman is causing all sorts of turmoil. Hmm, I wonder how Nikki is going to feel about this and how Jack plans to soothe things over in the long run. Diane is so up to something and I just want a hint of the big secret, because even Kyle senses something off with his mother, as his marriage to Summer is facing a hiccup as a result of Diane.

Yeah, it looks like Summer is seeing the light and realizing Phyllis is right that Diane Jenkins is indeed trouble people, the problem is what will be the aftermath of her chaos when the truth is exposed. Her marriage with Kyle is becoming rockier by the minute. Not helping is the fact that Kyle refuses to acknowledge his mother’s past sins.

Diane might be in over her head as it is apparent Jeremy is looking for this partnership with Diane to be long term and he’s isn’t just looking to steal from others, he wants to be romantically linked to Diane. This partnership is looking like its about to setup a murder mystery and I’m all for it “Y&R.”