SANTA MONICA—On February 14, two cousins were killed during an early-morning police chase in which they were thrown out of their vehicle during a collision near the Santa Monica Freeway. The men had reportedly attempted to rob a street vendor.

18-year-old Charlie Francisco and 20-year-old Christian Francisco, who were reportedly armed with guns, had robbed items from a Valentine’s Day gift basket stand at Adams Boulevard and San Pedro Street, and were pursued by police shortly afterward.  The crash occurred just south of the Santa Monica (10) Freeway at approximately 4:30 a.m. Afterward, police investigated the area at Central Avenue and 27th Street, according to police. The young men had reportedly taken gift baskets and cash from the Valentine’s Day booth situated at the street corner by the vendor.

The suspects drove around the block in their vehicle after the incident, in a suspected attempt to commit another robbery, according to police. The robbery victim contacted police, who attempted to stop the suspects in their vehicle upon locating them.

However the men fled, which led to the brief police pursuit that ended with the suspects’ Nissan colliding into another car before they were thrown from their vehicle and killed at the scene.

No further information regarding the incident is available as of press time.