MALIBU—The city of Malibu indicated on its website they are aware of concerns expressed by the California Coastal Commission (CCC) regarding Woolsey Fire “Rebuild Option 4,” and is working on a response to the Commission.

The CCC contacted Malibu recently stating that it considered the City’s “Rebuild Option No. 4” to be inconsistent with the City’s Local Coastal Program (LCP), and requested that the city of Malibu remove the Option from the City’s Rebuild Website,, until the matter is resolved.

Option 4 would involve Planning Verification Woolsey Fire (PVWF) approval for in-kind plus 10 percent rebuild of the destroyed structure with a subsequent Administrative Plan Review Woolsey Fire (APRWF) application or APRWF with Site Plan Review to add more than 10% square footage, for properties located outside of the appeal jurisdiction of the CCC.

Malibu is currently working with CCC to gain clarification on the relevant policies and processes that apply, and will bring the findings to the Malibu City Council for review.

As a caution, Malibu has removed Option 4 from the City’s Rebuild Website,, per the CCC’s request and has put all pending APRWF approvals on hold until this matter is resolved. Staff is working with fire victims to keep them informed and to provide any assistance they might need.

The city is assuring individuals who are going through a fire rebuild that this latest development will not impact the city’s priority on the fire rebuild efforts. Malibu is committed to the Woolsey Fire rebuild effort, and is doing everything possible to help those whose properties were damaged or destroyed in the fire to rebuild, recover and get back in their homes. Anyone working on a rebuild project with questions or concerns about how this may affect their project is encouraged to contact the Rebuild Team for one-on-one assistance at 310-456-2489, ext. 385 or