SHERMAN OAKS­­–Original Herbivore, a Southern California based vegan food truck, has been offering “Name Your Price Chick’n Sandwich” since May 28. Customers have three flavors to choose from and can order the meals by phone call, text, website, or in person.

“That’s right. You pay as much as you’d like for this one. Three flavors (Classic, Buffalo, and Nashville) to choose from,” Original Herbivore posted on Instagram. Each customer can order one “Name Your Price Chick’n Sandwich” per day. “We hope people who have never tried our popular vegan chicken sandwiches can try it,” said Sebastian Baranek, the owner of Original Herbivore. “We hope Vegan and Non-Vegan all like it. It’s the purpose of this event.”

Original Herbivore’s popular chick’n sandwich.

“Our business is a little bit slower now because we were primarily focusing on vast events and those have been canceled due to COVID-19,” said Baranek. He mentioned that before the pandemic, Original Herbivore has participated in many events such as Vegan Street Fair, Vegan Playground, Long Beach Pride, and other public events since it’s a good opportunity to sell and promote the special vegan dishes to both vegan and non-vegan. “Our business is down 90% in terms of sales, so we have to rebuild it in other ways,” Baranek said it’s his first time selling “Name Your Price Chick’n Sandwich” to customers and he has received a lot of positive responses.

“We pretty much make everything from scratch. We make our own sauces, and vegan chicken patties,” said Baranek. He and Constance Handforth began their food truck business in San Diego in December 2017. They are now serving people in Los Angeles and provide 100% vegan food. As the food truck will move to different places among LA during the week, customers can check the schedule on Instagram and Facebook.

Baranek said they will open a brick and mortar location in Sherman Oaks and focus on the to-go concept. The new location is estimated to begin in July. Baranek also emphasized that the restaurant will provide waffles, pancakes, and pastries, and also have more healthy food options including salads and wraps for the customers.