UNITED STATES—On Wednesday, May 12, Military Times reported that new organizers of the annual Ride to Remember demonstration in Washington D.C. will go on.

News reports indicate the Ride to Remember XXXIIll begin at Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium, which the football team used to use.

Motorcycles from the American Veterans (AMVET) and other participants will meet at 7:00 a.m. on May 30.

By May 5, Pentagon officials denied parking permits for U.S. Veterans to use the parking lot as a meeting place for the annual Memorial Day event to take place in Washington D.C. on May 30.

On April 23, California Republican Congressmen, Darrell Issa and Ken Calvert petitioned Robert H. Candido, building manager of the Pentagon, to allow American Veterans (AMVETS) to utilize the parking lot as the meeting place for the annual Rolling to Remember memorial ride marking 33 years honoring MIA/POW soldiers.

According to reports, both the U.S. Department of Transportation and the Department of Interior approved the 2021 Rolling to Remember permit. The Pentagon refused the permit citing COVID-19 as the reason to prohibit the outdoor motorcycle demonstration.

In a May 3, press release Congressmen Issa and Calvert denounced the decision of the Biden administration to deny the POW/MIA remembrance ride permit.

“The Biden Administration is making a terrible mistake by blocking a veteran’s charity from the use of the Pentagon parking lot for the Rolling to Remember POW/MIA remembrance motorcycle ride. This last-minute rejection, a first of its kind in more than 30 years, leaves patriotic veterans without a safe alternative,” Congressman Issa explained.

“Leading up to the decision, the Pentagon refused to talk with event organizers. They refused to respond to Congress about this topic. And now they are claiming COVID as an excuse,” Issa continued.

“Just days ago, President Biden hosted a drive-in rally in Georgia. The Rolling to Remember event is no less safe. The only difference is the politics that are denying veterans the opportunity to honor their fallen comrades,” said Issa.

“If patriotic veterans are not welcome at the Pentagon, are they truly welcome anywhere in the Biden Administration?” Issa asked.

“I’m disappointed by the Pentagon’s denial of AMVET’s permit for the Rolling to Remember event. It’s also frustrating to hear that the Pentagon staff failed to even engage in meaningful discussions to see how this outdoor event could take place in a safe manner. At a time when President Biden can find a way to hold outdoor political events, it’s shocking his administration can’t find a way to help our veterans do the same,” Calvert stated.

The following video of the 2020 Rolling to Remember is from the Rolling Thunder Facebook page.

A search indicates all photos of former President Donald Trump, who attended previous events have been taken down from Facebook and Twitter.