HOLLYWOOD—Li has been arrested, Megan has been shot, Harris detained, Dimitri exposed, and that is just the beginning of the chaos erupting in Salem on “Days of Our Lives.” For starters, Li and Megan’s plan to brainwash Harris to kill Stefan backfired in a major way at that engagement party because Megan got shot, and Li was arrested for attempted murder. Gabi and Stefan were NOT pleased with Li, but when he confessed it was all Megan’s idea, Gabi went searching for Stefan’s sister and she was outwitted. How so? Dr. Rolf got the upper hand, released Megan and handcuffed Gabi to the bed.

Just like that Megan has darted out of Salem on a submarine no less with Dr. Rolf. So the nefarious fiend has escaped the clutches of facing her crime of kidnapping EJ and Kristen who were found by Leo. We will talk more about Leo because he is involved in one hell of a scandal. EJ rushed to Nicole’s aide, just as it became clear the endgame for the writers will be Nicole and Eric after the big bomb about her pregnancy is ultimately revealed. I mean Nicole and Eric shared a pretty intense kiss to say the least. It is obvious that EJ is committed to Nicole and their ‘baby,’ but I’m not sure Nicole is committed to him.

Eric is smitten by Sloan unaware of what she has done, but Sloan spilled her secret to Collin. Now, I know that is her brother, but why would she spill such details. Something tells me he might use that information as leverage for his situation, so that’s a bad mistake on Sloan’s part. Kristen wanted to nail her sister to the cross, but it was too little too late, even though Marlena extended grace to her enemy to ensure her memories were restored regarding Megan drugging her. Kristen even though enduring some danger never learns and is back to her old ways, hiding Rachel, who fled camp. Brady confronted his ex about their daughter’s whereabouts, but she stayed mum.

Seriously Kristen, you’re going to make everyone think your daughter is missing when you know she is right under your nose. I’m sorry Rachel is a brat, and she needs a spanking. That little girl needs some discipline because if not stopped now, she will indeed grow up to be just like her wicked mother and that is not good. Li pled his case to the authorities, but with Megan on the loose, it looks like Li made a deal with the Devil and he’s going to have to pay the price as a result.

I want to get back to Leo because he got the goods on Dimitri and was ready to expose all. Well that was until Dimitri placed a steamy kiss on his lips and explained that he was gay. At first, I thought this was all a ruse, because he slept with Gwen, but it soon came to be that Dimitri was really into Leo or he’s one hell of an actor people. Why? He actually bedded Leo and devoted to marrying Gwen, but only to get his inheritance and promised to not hurt her.

Oh, this is breaking my heart for Gwen because while she has committed some heinous deeds, she does indeed deserve to be happy. Her emotions being toyed like this is just wrong, and when she discovers that Leo of all people, her bestie slept with her fiancé it is not going to end well. We might see the vindictive Gwen arise again and to be honest I’m all for it. Xander and Chloe have indeed slept together, not once, but several times and were busted in the act by Gwen of all people at the newspaper office.

It is clear Brady cares about Chloe and she cares about him, and Xander cares about Sarah and vice versa. A love like that doesn’t just disappear overnight. It just sucks because I think when Xander learns he is a father; Chloe is going to be left with the heartache. Let’s talk about some returns to Salem, as Lani is back after being furloughed to attend Abe’s ‘funeral.’ What is the problem with that? Abe is not dead, he is being held captive by Nurse Whitley whose plan to keep him hidden is unraveling.

For starters, Abe spotted that Jerry is an actor and not his actual son Theo, Lani and Eli have also connected the dots that Jerry is an actor, but that is not the big bomb. It’s that Lani has discovered from Jerry that Abe is very much alive. What’s the problem? Whitley has sedated Abe because he has connected the dots and is afraid of the truth coming out, but it looks like Lani of all people is about to rescue the man she has deemed her father from a sociopath. Good times are in Salem right now!