BEVERLY HILLSOur names are Gulliver and Gabby, and as far as we know, we’re brother and sister, possibly about 1-year-old, and you’ll never believe what happened to us! 
One day we were taken for a ride to a park where we thought that we were going to have a nice afternoon. Well, our “person” opened the door of the van to let us out and drove away!!  We couldn’t believe it – and neither could other people that saw what had happened.
Well, we were rescued by a nice, caring man who unfortunately wasn’t able to keep us.  However, he took good care of us for a couple of weeks until the Friends of Animals Foundation could take us in.  He had cats and small children, and we all got along just fine.  We get along with all of the dogs that are here at the rescue, too.  So, you see, we’ll fit in with your family no matter what it consists of – dogs, cats, kids, and, oh, yes, grown ups, too!
We’re not aggressive in anyway, and we’re not barkers – in fact, we can’t think of any bad habits that we have, and everyone says that we’re awfully cute!  We love each other very much, so we definitely want to stay together.
Let me give you some reasons to adopt both of us, okay?  If you have to go to work, or whatever, we will always have each other for company and never be lonesome.  We’ll always have someone to play with, and we bet that you’ll end up having more fun watching us than you will watching TV – or being on the computer!  And, think of all of the cute pictures you’ll be able to share with everyone!
So, we hope that someone out there has room in their home and their heart for both of us.  Won’t you please call to see us?
I will tell you, however, that just in case you should want just one dog, or perhaps a kitty cat, there are lots of them here.  So, check out our website at: