SANTA MONICA—On Sunday, August 2, a lesson titled “Online: Paper Puppet Animation with Matt Reynolds” will be held. While all spaces have been taken, waiting list registration has been opened.

Reynolds is an artist-in-residence at the Camera Obscura Art Lab in Santa Monica, which offers workshops run by residents and teaching artists. He is a sculptor and animated filmmaker; his films have won awards at the Romanian Anim’est International Film Festival and the San Francisco International Film Festival. Reynolds’s clients include Fox Sports and TED Ed.

There are currently 4 people on the waiting list. The class is co-educational, but participants must be between the ages of 16 and 99 years old.

During the lesson, Reynolds will explain “the basics” of building and animating character puppets. This will include a demonstration of the process used to plan and create individual pieces of a paper puppet. Reynolds will then combine the pieces to form an “anatomically functional puppet.”

Additionally, Reynolds will use a smartphone and the Stop Motion Studio App to develop a “Do-It-Yourself” downshooter. This will be used to animate the character puppet. “Demonstration frames” will also be utilized to depict how the puppet can be manipulated for animation purposes. Reynolds will show participants how to playback these frames and export the recordings.

Online registration is open here until 1:00 p.m. on August 2. No prior experience in the field of animation is required for participation.