HOLLYWOOD─The war has been brewing for a long time between The Whisperers and our heroes on “The Walking Dead.” Well Sunday’s episode, ‘Morning Star’ finally saw that battle reach a feverish pitch. Well, I was certain that the protagonists had captured Beta, but it was apparent he escaped by the hair on his skin, just as Negan and Alpha continued to bond with vicious lashes to say the least. We even got to see Negan cloaked in a mask as I think it’s now official: he is the bad guy again.

Back at the Hilltop, Eugene was still communicating with Stephanie via the radio for a possible meetup. Rosita, Gamma and Aaron arrived to The Hilltop, which left some worried about the unknown face. Earl was adamant about keeping Adam away from Mary out of fear that she could be a threat to the child who was abandoned. In other news, Carol felt alone after her little stunt has placed Magna and Connie in a dicey situation. Ezekiel stumbled upon his former love, as she seems closed off to the idea of returning with him as she wallowed in her grief.

Kelly, Mika and Jerry were ready to go searching for Connie and Magna, but Daryl and Lydia’s return to the Hilltop changed everything. Why? She warned them that Alpha is getting ready to start a war, where blood will be spilled. Rosita was stunned to see a radio in Eugene’s secret conversations at the Oceanside. He was defensive as hell, and Rosita should have punched Eugene dead in the face for his abhorrent behavior. The Hilltop was preparing for war, as Lydia screamed for the residents to realize the threat approaching them is massive.

The goal was to head to Oceanside with the kids being the first to be transported to safety. Daryl was taken aback to see Carol and Ezekiel arrive, and took off for his trek. However, they were halted by a massive tree in the road and realized it was a sign from Negan, noting he can no longer be trusted. Panic started to set in as The Hilltop realized they had to fight against the Whisperers to ensure their survival. Carol learned that Ezekiel was sick and it led to the two sharing a few passionate kisses before lovemaking.

Mary came inches from seeing Adam, but was stopped yet again in her tracks. Rosita and Eugene bonded over their issues, as Eugene feared the worst. Rosita is good at giving her pal a confidence booster. She offered him the opportunity to kiss her, but he came short of making it happen. This is a different kind of friendship people. Carol and Lydia had a conversation about their predicament, where Carol confessed she planned to kill Alpha. That was such a tender moment to watch.

Ezekiel finally spoke his truth about his cancer with Daryl, where both came to a meeting of the eyes. While not best pals, they respect one another. Carol tried once again to bridge the friction with Daryl, as he confessed he does not hate her, but with this guy not 100 percent, it makes me question who might not make it out alive when Alpha and the horde arrives. Our heroes were prepared for battle, as Alpha, Beta, Negan and the walkers dawned on Hilltop. With the walkers getting closer, the bobby traps that were set by Eugene lead to many walkers being electrified. It was a nifty and great tactic, but it didn’t last for long people.

The battle has begun as walkers were viciously dispatched from all parties involved. The fence was getting ready to break, as Beta unleashed his attack on our protagonist, which was gasoline. Alpha and Negan were ready to unleash more mayhem because the gas was too much of a threat. Those arrows which were launched led to the gates being ablaze, trapping our heroes between a deadly bloodbath.

No major bodies dropped this episode, but this war is only heating up and I’m scared as to what is going to happen America. Until next Sunday “Walking Dead” die-hards!