HOLLYWOOD—There are only two more episodes left before the mid-season finale of the final season of the AMC series “The Walking Dead.” This week’s episode, ‘On the Inside’ we finally saw the return of Connie who the audience has been aware of her survival for quite some time, but her actual narrative presence has been missing. Connie was back in the flesh fending off walkers, while trying her best to Virgil alive.

With that drama taking place, Rosita was making plans in Alexandria as Kelly continued the hunt for her sister. Connie was worried about resting, out of fear that danger was lurking close by. The Reapers were torching members of Alexandria and Maggie’s crew hoping to get answers, as Daryl seethed thru his teeth watching from a distance. Daryl was forced to show his loyalty to this new threat, and I couldn’t believe Daryl was willing to slice off a finger of an ally to prove a point to these vile people, but he’s traveling down a very dark path.

Connie continued to search the house to ensure it was completely safe and discovered someone else in the house, not a walker. The Reapers were on the hunt, but I don’t think they realized they might be venturing into territory where they could be opening the door for serious danger and guess what I was all for it people. Why? That danger was Maggie, Negan and Gabriel. Daryl warned Maggie by tugging at an electric line.

Kelly was still out on the road searching for clues to find Connie’s location and found her notebook fearing the worse. Connie was certain she was not seeing things, even though Virgil seemed to think otherwise and they got separated by the feral human inside the home as a result. The complete silence during that scene was absolutely tense and fascinating that the writers and the show took that route as it placed the audience in Connie’s world and it was palpitating.

Some man who wasn’t quite a walker moved like a spider with riveting speed people. Kelly has having a bit of a moment, but Magna, Carol and Rosita located her, giving them a sense of relief. She alerted them about Connie’s notebook and it further intensified Kelly and Magna’s determination to find her.

It was tense for Connie who was doing all in her power to ensure survival, but she was haunted to say the least America. She realized the threatening guest in that house had been hiding in the walls. She located Virgil by peering thru the wall and he was ready to take a knife to the wall not sure if it was a threat or someone in need of help, too bad he was unaware of the danger lurking behind him. Connie managed to cause a distraction allowing Virgil to stab the attacker in the house, as he scurried away. She managed to escape those walls and reunite with him. All is good for now.

Within the Reapers, there was animosity within the group and fractures gave Daryl and opening to cause a bit more chaos to gain some leverage and take the group down from within. Maggie, Negan and the others managed to escape just as secret lair was discovered. Magna, Carol, Kelly and Rosita found themselves having to choose a path in the middle of a storm as they searched for Connie. Oh crap, this house is littered with these crazy people. She managed to pull her ally to safety, but Connie was still in major danger people. So she did the only thing she considered smart. She drenched herself in walker blood and hid behind the door with her pal, as walkers attached the threats inside, in vicious fashion. Yeah, those were some brutal deaths to watch people.

It was a reunion the audience has been waiting what seems like a year or more to unfold. Connie and Kelly reuniting as sisters with tears in their eyes was an absolute moment worth witnessing people. The Reapers were displeased that their plan to weed out Daryl’s allies did not work, awe, too bad so sad. It would be nicer to see Daryl actually make a move people. Ok, it looks like someone is taking the role of the Whisperers once again people to take out a threat next week. Only two episodes left and things are really becoming fun again on “The Walking Dead.” Cannot wait till next week people!