HOLLYWOOD—It was time for the audience to return back to Alexandria as Aaron found himself being haunted from his past as he did his best to protect Gracie, but it was just a bad nightmare people, a really bad one. This week’s episode, ‘Out of the Ashes’ had a bit more pacing compared to last week’s outing. Jerry spotted a walker who entered the compound via the broken wall. It became a fight to survive, as Alexandrians and our heroes fought valiantly to push that wall back up and to ensure it was stable to prevent more walkers from entering the compound.

So it was time for Yumiko, Eugene, Ezekiel and Princess to complete orientation at the Commonwealth and to see that they had to watch a cheesy video to achieve such a feat was beyond hilarious to say the least America. Job assignments which included teaching, retail, animal work and none of them looked to make the Commonwealth their permanent home, they just wanted to seek help. Rosita considered the possibility that it may be time to abandon ship at Alexandria and search for a new home, but Aaron was not ready to throw in the towel. Must say it was interesting to see Maggie do her best to not rip off Negan’s head as they continued their hunt for food.

He poked at her and she nearly took his face out with a knife, but it was intended for a walker, but it would have been a welcome sight to say the least America. Judith the little soldier that she is, was busy reaching kids how to properly defend themselves if they are under attack, just as she spotted a bunch of teens taunting walkers. One had some harsh words to Judith about her mother abandoning her. As a result she pulled out a sword on him ready to strike. However, it was apparent his words impacted Judith taking an emotional toll on her.

Well, I will be damned; it does look like The Commonwealth is a normal community. Yumiko walked into a bakery shop full of treats and came face-to-face with her brother, who was so shocked to see his sister he dropped a perfectly crafted cake.

Carol, Lydia, Jerry and Arron realized that walkers were being herded by Whisperers. Well, that is indeed an interesting development that I did not expect people. Eugene, at last had his outing with Stephanie as they chatted while eating ice cream. Rosita had a heart-to-heart with Judith who was a bit sad realizing all the people she cared for were not present in her life at the moment. It was indeed such a tender and touching moment of the episode America. It gave me the chills, but in a good way.

Keith was forced to talk to Lydia, Aaron, Carol and Jerry about his herding of the walkers. Jerry and Aaron did not trust Keith, but Lydia seemed to think otherwise and he was placed in the jail cell. Jerry and Aaron I get that you are afraid of the remnants of the Whisperers and it seems his suspicions were confirmed when Keith unleashed a cut to Aaron and several escaped, but Keith he was not so lucky people. The Commonwealth is crazy it is like a legit city with all the bells and whistles. Yumiko and her brother caught up and he promised the place is as good as it seems. Princess was hilarious with her flirting people, just as Aaron tortured a Whisperer to learn the whereabouts of his escaped pals.

Carol warned Aaron not to travel down the same path that she did that consumed her and led to all sorts of bad things for her and the people she cared about most. Rosita attempted to communicate with Eugene, but he found himself arrested for doing so. Ugh, this does not look good people, because Princess and Ezekiel also found themselves under arrest. Negan and Maggie got into a bit of a tussle, but the two managed to remain civil as Father Gabriel and another ally reunited with the two.

Keith alluded to some danger and it led to Jerry and Aaron taking off on a new mission people. Next week does seem like a fun episode as we see the return of Connie, Kelly, Daryl and a host of others. With only 3 episodes left this year, the drama intensifies that much more America. Until next Sunday “The Walking Dead” die-hards!