HOLLYWOOD—Well, things just keep get more interesting on “The Walking Dead” people. So Stephanie might not be Stephanie, but she is indeed Max, the woman who is Mercer’s sister, who was held hostage. Mercer is NOT happy that little sis was communicating with Eugene, who was NOT a member of the Commonwealth. This week’s episode, ‘The Lucky Ones,’ explored just who Max really is and the things she has been up to behind the scenes people.

Lance shared news with Pamela about Alexandria that Max never discovered so something is happening people, something big. Eugene was so hurt that Stephanie is NOT real people. Pamela and Lance ventured to Alexandria to study the community and its people, particularly having conversations with Aaron and Daryl. Ezekiel got some stunning news when he discovered that the surgery on his tumor has been elevated. Jerry was ecstatic, but Ezekiel, not so much. Pamela and Lance later took a journey to the Oceanside community. Pamela and Lance did NOT like the notion of people being more loyal to Maggie than them. Speaking of Maggie, she had a reunion with Daryl, as did Lydia, Elijah and Denise.

Yes people, it was the meeting we have been waiting for: Pamela and Maggie. Maggie continued to remain cautious per usual as Pamela pleaded her case why she and her crew should come to the Commonwealth. Maggie called out the Commonwealth for distinguishing people: the rich from the poor. Yeah, for those who have not pegged that yet, everyone at the Commonwealth are NOT treated equal.

Carol dropped by to check in on Ezekiel, where he learned that Carol pulled strings to get his surgery pushed up. Ezekiel was NOT happy, but Carol was not willing to be apologetic to save the life of the man she once loved and honestly I think she still loves him dearly. Rosita and Eugene reconnected, where they talked about the freedom they had at Alexandria. Yeah, it looks like our heroes are not 100 percent happy at this new place. Daryl and Lydia had a conversation where it became apparent she was not 100 percent happy with how things are going. Lance and Pamela were really working on getting Maggie to see that coming to the Commonwealth was the best for her and her people, but Maggie being Maggie was not ready to sign off that power that she has.

Gunfire erupted as walkers invaded the camp and Maggie and crew went on attack mode, with assistance from Mercer in the process. The Commonwealth easily dispatched of those walkers without gunfire, as it was apparent more of Maggie’s people at the Hilltop were ready for a change people; one that offers a much easier lifestyle. Maggie hit the nail on the coffin about the Commonwealth; it’s going to cost something to be part of that community.

Max and Eugene had a conversation where it became apparent that he was a bit more forgiving, where she was open to him repenting for his mistakes of the past. She wanted to read his novel, but Eugene as we recall last week torched his novel in that fire. He noted he has the novel committed to his memory and the two shared a few laughs. This is good people. Daryl, Mercer, Pamela and Lance were headed back to the Commonwealth, as Maggie realized she was losing some people, Diane being one of them.

Maggie warned Diane to be careful who she trusts, and you can tell it was a gut punch for Maggie people. Lance and Pamela continued to dance with the notion of Lance trying to bring Maggie back to the Commonwealth, just as Pamela issued threats in the process people. As a result, Lance decided to fire gunshots to attract walkers, but was NOT expecting Aaron to be a witness to what was about to unfold. I like this mystery, but I still WANT to know what is going on people with the Commonwealth and that endgame. Aaron please be aware that Alexandria is not aligned to the Commonwealth, even though Lance is lying thru is teeth to you.

An interesting tidbit for next week as a new community unfolds, threats linger and loyalties will be tested. Until next Sunday “The Walking Dead” die-hards!