HOLLYWOOD—This was indeed an interesting episode of “The Walking Dead” as it became clear ‘The Whisperers’ have a bigger plan in place to teach a lesson to our heroes. ‘What it Always Is,’ kicked off with Kelly on the hunt alone where her hearing played a vital role in her potential survival. Her hearing was going in and out, as she battled walkers. That is a detriment to not be able to hear when you have walkers roaming loose America. In other news, Negan was on the run, after escaping Alexandria, but found an admirer in Brandon who idolized him.

Hmm, is this going to be the thing that forces the old Negan to resurface? Back at the Hilltop, Eugene was quickly working diligently to repair that broken wall, as news about supplies being stolen from the community became a worry. Siddiq and Daryl arrived at the Hilltop as they searched for Negan. Connie became concerned when she couldn’t find Kelly. Aaron while on the hunt for Negan, stumbled upon Gamma who was killing walkers and ensuring their blood and guts spilled into the creek. Negan and Brandon heard screams from a distance and came to the rescue of a mother and son in dire need.

Daryl and Connie bonded even more as they searched for Kelly. Magna joined in on the mission, and they ran into multiple dead ends, which raised concerns for everyone. It was apparent that the friction between Magna and Mika was only and I mean only getting worse. Siddiq learned that Ezekiel was very sick and he didn’t want the world to know that he has thyroid cancer. Yeah, that was a devastating blow to learn about people, which raises questions about his survival rate.

Alpha got news from Gamma that she was spotted by Aaron, and it looked like for a second that Alpha was ready to dispatch of her, but not so. She also mentioned she sliced her hand pretty bad, and he provided her with some medical care.  Alpha is indeed an enigma because we really don’t know why she does what she does. Negan bonded with Miles, the kid he rescued, but didn’t know it would be short-lived thanks to Brandon who wanted to prove himself.

Connie, Magna and Daryl found Kelly who is in dire need of medical treatment. While on the hunt for Kelly, the trio discovered those missing goods from the Hilltop. It was Magna and Kelly taking those goods as a backup in case something crazy happened. Brandon murdered that mother and son, which fueled rage in Negan who bashed his head in with a rock. Siddiq arranged for Ezekiel to speak with Carol to alert him of his condition.

The episode culminated with Negan crossing into the Whisperers borders with Lucille in hand. He bashed the heads of a few walkers before coming face-to-face with Beta, who one-upped our former villain. Oh this is going to be good, is Negan about to join forces with the Whisperers to take down our heroes. It certainly looks like it. Until next Sunday “Walking Dead” die-hards!