HOLLYWOOD─I will admit as a fan I was hoping that the kiss between Brooke and Bill stayed hidden on “The Bold and the Beautiful,” but man I’m glad the truth is out and it did not take months or over a year for the truth to come out. Why? The drama of this secret being exposed was fantastic. Bill and Brooke had to explain to Katie for the THIRD TIME, why there kiss meant nothing. Well we know for Brooke it didn’t mean anything, for Bill that is another story people.

The reunion of our “B&B” love birds was short-lived as Ridge stormed out, headed straight for Shauna and the two went on a wild excursion o Las Vegas. I know the writers want us to buy the Shauna and Ridge love tale, but sorry, it’s a fling, it’s not turning into some long-lasting love people. Ridge is just angry, but dare I say how many times this guy has betrayed Brooke. I mean you secretly kept up a rendezvous with Quinn, your FATHER’s wife for months, then you kissed Shauna while you were married to Brooke. I mean yeah, Brooke should not have kissed Bill, but the level of betrayal is far stringent on Ridge’s end if you ask me.

With that said, Quinn was smiling ear to ear, well that was until she learned that dear old Eric was not happy with her antics. Yes, Eric started to realize that his reformed wife is not so reformed and she realized her latest stunt is causing fractures in her marriage. Yeah, Quinn you need to be careful, sometimes you reap what you sew, and in your case oh, it’s so overdo and long worth the wait to see the vixen go down in flames. I’ve teased it before, but it looks like Quinn has ignited a war again with Bill Spencer, and we know how ruthless this guy can be and when he sets his eyes on revenge, he never and I mean never backs down.

Bill, Eric, Brooke, it looks like Quinn has plenty of people wanting to bring her down and out of everyone, I see Bill delivering the biggest blow, and as for Wyatt, who cares how he feels. Why? He is busy playing house with Sally unaware that she’s totally faking her illness. I mean Zoe showing concern to Flo and Steffy, what was the point of that people. Here is the one thing the writers have to work on: make characters who do bad things suffer a bit. I mean, Brooke, Bill, Steffy, Liam, Hope, Thomas, all characters well developed who suffered greatly when tragedies or secrets from their past surfaced.

For Flo and Zoe, their punishment was like a quick second and the audience is supposed to see them in a new light. Yeah, it doesn’t work that way, which might explain who so many people (not just me) cannot stand the character of Flo Fulton. She never truly paid for her deception with Hope and the baby swap and I think this is perfect punishment for Flo; she deserves to receive a comeuppance and I like that she’s finally getting it. Zoe placing that bug into Flo’s ear about the predicament had her digging for Intel from Dr. Escobar about treatment options for Sally.

Flo is so pesky, she found something and she’s now certain Sally is faking her illness (which she is), but now the difficult part arises: she has to prove it. I mean it is kind of hard to believe the truth, when it comes from a person who is a notorious liar. Asking Wyatt to push Sally out was something that raised his blinders as to her lack of compassion. Sally totally poured the waterworks on Wyatt and he was starting to get the feels. I mean how can one not feel bad for Sally? Wyatt dumped her after a small lie courtesy of Thomas, reunited with Flo, then dumped Flo to be with Sally after learning about her role in the baby swap, only to dump Sally a second time after realizing he wanted to be with Flo after she donated a kidney to save Katie.

Yeah, Flo donated that kidney to have a spot in the Logan clan, and where has that gotten her people? Brooke doesn’t acknowledge her, Hope hasn’t had any screen time with the character in months, neither has any of the other Logan women beyond Donna and Katie. It’s safe to say she is a Logan by name only.  You know what I want to see, I want to see an interaction with Flo and Hope.

It seems we have NOT seen that in months and I’ve wondered why. Does Flo know her cousin will never forgive her for keeping her daughter from her for almost a year? Is that a relationship irreparable? I want to see more drama between these two characters and I feel the writers are depriving the fans from what we want, and with rumors still swirling about a beloved character meeting their demise, I’m wondering if that is set to transpire come May sweeps. Even with Sally’s big lie, I don’t see her being the casualty so start guessing as to who?