WEST HOLLYWOOD—On Tuesday, July 28, the City of West Hollywood announced that it had launched “Cover That Face, Maintain Your Space:” an outdoor media campaign about COVID-19.

The campaign is specifically targeted at raising awareness about “the importance of using face coverings and maintaining social (physical) distancing.”

“We’re doing everything we can in the City of West Hollywood to educate and inform people about the importance of using face coverings and maintaining physical distancing,” said City Mayor Lindsey P. Horvath. “Sometimes we all need a reminder about the importance of taking everyday steps to ensure public health and safety — even during the coronavirus pandemic.”

Banners depicting people using face coverings have been tacked onto 280 streetlight poles across West Hollywood. Digital advertisements are also being screened on billboards along the Sunset Strip, at The Gateway, and in transit shelters.

Over the upcoming days, 150 yard signs will be placed in “landscaped traffic medians and public areas” as additional forms of campaigning.

Messages on the banners, digital advertisements, and signs include:

  • “Cover That Face,”
  • “Maintain Your Space,”
  • “It’s Still Safer at Home,” and
  • “Socially Distant, Civically Engaged.”

“The City’s campaign is going big with ‘Cover That Face, Maintain Your Space’ reminders all over the City,” Horvath added. “As we saw from the recent surge in COVID-19 cases in LA County, our actions have impacts and it’s especially important that we each do our part to take basic steps to reduce transmission of the coronavirus.”