WESTWOOD—A surveillance camera caught clear images of a man and a woman stealing things from resident’s mailboxes and vehicles at a residential complex in Westwood.

The female suspect is seen going through the parking garage of a residential complex in the 1400 block of Camden Avenue. The male suspect used a master key to open all of the mailboxes and take residents’ mail. He later precedes to go into the parking garage where he stumbles across an unlocked Lexus.

According to a report by ABC7, the owner of the Lexus, who only wanted to be identified as Tiffani, arrived home to the complex just three minutes before the burglars began to target her building. She tried using her Lexus app from her unit to remotely lock the vehicle, but it would not work.

“Maybe it’s a WiFi thing, maybe it’s just taking a little longer, no big deal. I put it down for a second, finished unloading all my groceries, tried it again, and I realize, ‘OK, this is strange, it’s still not working. So OK, no big deal,’” said Tiffani to ABC7.

The reason the app would not lock her car was because the suspect was inside her vehicle.

“They took the diaper bag, I should have noticed, they took the car seat base, they took everything in the glove compartment, medicine, makeup, my bags,” she said. “Do you think what you’re doing is really worth it? So you know, besides the material things, you’re ruining everybody’s lives this way.”

Other residents of the complex believe the suspects stole their tax refund checks and other important documents from their mailbox.

According to authorities, there have been more than two dozen car break-ins in Westwood this year. Camden Avenue residents hope that the suspects are recognized and turned in.

If you have any information regarding the suspects or any of the robberies contact the Los Angeles Police Department’s West L.A. Station at (310) 444-0702.