UNITED STATES—For those not in the know, this weekend is Father’s Day. Yeah, I have already heard from a few people that it snuck up on them. They didn’t even realize it. I always say, prepare for Father’s Day, while you are preparing for Mother’s Day. You have to realize that dads are just as important as moms. I do think we showcase a lot more love to moms than we do to our dad’s people and it is a bit upsetting if I have to be honest.

My dad is like my hero, as a kid not once did I ever doubt if my father loved me, despite him not always saying it. I think as I got older he did say those THREE WORDS a lot more people. Time really forces you to realize that having your parents in your orbit when you know so many loved ones who don’t have their parents is a reality check. With that said, dads are so much easier to purchase gifts for than mom.

I feel like purchasing my mom a gift is the biggest chore in the world. You think you’ve purchased the perfect gift only to realize you probably didn’t and you want that smile and look of surprise on the face when they open the gift. With my dad, it is easy. He tells you what he wants specifically and as a result it is as simple as, “That’s what you want? Ok, done deal.”

I mean you can purchase cologne, clothing, belts, wallets, a suit, a tie, a dress shirt, all sorts of electronics and gadgets, a car, tools, a watch, the list goes on and on. Now I will admit I have never purchased a tie or dress shirt for my dad unless he specifically asked me to, which I think only unfolded once in my entire lifetime.

As of late, dad is so focused on music. Yes, music, my dad has never shown a propensity to want to play an instrument as long as I can recall, but he has taken on a new hobby and I am happy to hear that. I’m a firm believer that if you keep the brain occupied it only benefits you in the long run because you’re exercising your mind and you’re staying busy. It is better to use it or you will lose it. Beyond the gifts though, one would expect that dad wants to just be left alone, and that might be a mistake to assume. Dads want to spend time with their children too.

They want to have quality time with their spawn (it is a joke people) rather that be going to a movie, going to breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner, dad wants time. Time is fleeting and it is indeed the one thing that you can never and I mean never ever ever ever get back.

Will money be spent this Father’s Day? Oh, absolutely, but a lot of the time that money is not spent on dad it is spent on others, usually themselves. Why is that? Well, whenever you have a holiday it is an opportunity for retailers to indulge in sales because it draws in the consumer. Whenever you can get the consumer to spend more money than what they normally would spend that is always a plus and guess what, don’t you want to see that unfold?

You purchase something for dad and in the process you get something as well, so it’s a win-win, but the key here is NOT TO FORGET ABOUT DAD! Dad is just as important as mom people, and we don’t always show it and it is time that we start to.

Written By Zoe Mitchell