UNITED STATES—With the New Year fast approaching, so many of us will begin to start making those New Year’s resolutions, but for reasons we never understand we never stick to them. Why is that? I think it’s all about commitment. You have to commit fully to a resolution and not just tether with the thought of it. If your goal is to eat healthy, you have to make a plan and when making that plan start off small. Do not try to put too much on your plate at one time because it always blows up in your face.

Why? You feel the pressure to succeed and when you fail or have a hiccup; most Americans simply throw in the towel instead of attempting to get back on that horse they were thrown off of. Do not look at failure as an excuse to now continue something. If you have a relapse, just go back on the attack the next day or the following week. We have to have more drive than what we currently have at times. Push yourself, but not to the extreme America, that is something I would never advocate.

For me I will be giving up soda, sweets (candy, desserts, cookies) and I am going to cut down on carbs). Note, I said cut down on carbs, not completely cut them out. Why? I know I might be tempted and I don’t want to feel too overwhelmed by restrictions. I’ve given up soda plenty of times and after about a week of not having it, I no longer crave it; that is the key, out of sight out of mind. If you don’t have the item in your household you will not be tempted to want to consume the item America.

So many of us plan to lose weight or exercise more as the New Year dawns upon us, you can add me to that list. I’m pretty good at exercising, but I cannot simply lie to you and say I do it every single day because I do not. Why? Time, but that is no longer an excuse; I have to carve out at least 15-30 minutes each day, rather it is super early in the day, mid-afternoon or late at night, I need to have some form of exercise in my life beyond walking which I do quite often. I can get on that elliptical, that bike, do push-ups, jumping jacks or some form of speed running while in place to build cardio or burn calories.

I will admit I’m not a calorie counter, but I do pay attention to meals that tend to have a bit more calories than I would like to consume in a single meal. I’m pointing my finger directly at you Cheesecake Factory and McDonald’s. You cannot help, but see those calorie counts on the drive-thru menu or on the menu given to you inside the restaurant. If you are out and about and HAVE to have something to eat, get something that is going to satisfy that hunger you’re feeling, but also something that isn’t going to leave you feeling bloated or over whelmed.

The biggest advice I can give for those who are looking to tackle resolutions for the New Year; don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Do what you can and if it’s just 1 resolution or 5 resolutions, make a plan, but not something that is impossible to accomplish. Do not set goals that are too high that you cannot accomplish them.

Written By Kelsey Thomas