UNITED STATES—If you are trying to decide on a career or are considering having a total career change, there’s never been a better time to train to be a nurse. Currently, the U.S. is heading for a nursing shortage, with the rapidly aging population meaning that there are now more senior U.S. citizens than ever before – and not enough nurses to care for the ever-increasing patient numbers. This means that not only are registered nurses in high demand right now, practically guaranteeing new nursing graduates a job, but nurses can also reap further benefits for this situation. We’ve looked at some of the best reasons to train to become a nurse today.

Job Security

When choosing a career, one of the most important things that you have to think about is the potential for job security. Nobody wants to spend years training to work in a certain profession, get into student debt and then find out that their job is not secure after only a few years. Because of the current demand for nurses, it’s one of the best industries to get into if you are looking for guaranteed job security. Completing an online nursing program is now easier than ever before and will set you up for a career in the medical field for life.

Progression Opportunities

Once you have qualified as a registered nurse, either by completing an on-campus or online nursing degree, you can then choose from a massive range of different progression opportunities. Nursing professionals are needed to work in a wide variety of areas within the medical industry, with some being more specialized than others, therefore having more responsibility and increased pay. Or, those who work as nurses for many years may be able to enjoy promotions to more senior positions throughout their career.

Rewarding Work

For many nurses, one of the best things about their career choice is how incredibly rewarding it can be. Although nursing is a career that is both physically and mentally demanding, many nurses say that they would not swap it for the world due to all of the good moments they have. Indeed, nursing can have its sad moments, but there are many happy moments as well which nurses get to share with their patients.

Personal Development

Last but not least, training as a nurse is a great way to develop and grow personally. Becoming a nurse can help you to learn a lot about yourself, and will force you to become better at a range of different life skills, including managing your time, communicating and listening, being empathetic, and being tactful. Working in nursing can also make you a stronger person, and can often make you appreciate all of the good things in your life. Along with that, nursing allows you to meet some wonderful people, whether they be your work colleagues or the people who you care for.

If you’re trying to decide on a career for the future, or are considering changing careers, there are many great reasons to go for a career in nursing.

By Laura Ginn