STUDIO CITY—The South Gate Police Department arrested a woman on Tuesday, July 7 for allegedly being caught on a security camera killing a kitten.

The incident was reported to have happened late Monday night at a house near Hildreth Avenue and Tweedy Boulevard. The footage capture the woman picking up the kitten and a bottle of bug spray where she preceded to spray the kitten’s mouth and fur.

The kitten was later found dead in the morning with a broken jaw.

Surveillance shows the woman trying to break into two homes around 12 a.m. before finding the kitten. The name of the suspect has not been disclosed, but police officers reported that when they brought her in, she was in possession of another kitten.

The owner and other residents posted flyers around the neighborhood and took to social media to share the story, making it go viral:

With the help of the public, the department was able to find her at a Denny’s parking lot at 5811 Firestone Ave.

The owner, Cynthia Esquivel said in an interview with ABC7 “If she can do that to a small kitten, I’m afraid of what she can do to someone else, a child or somebody she comes across.”

Police officers took the woman in for a mental health evaluation at a local facility.