UNITED STATES—Sometimes you receive bad customer service, but other times you receive horrid service which is something I experienced this week, and it just baffled me to the core. Look, I have worked in customer service for a period of years. I know what it is like to deal with the public and to deal with people with attitudes; it is the nature of the industry sometimes. With that said, the service I got, whew, might be the worse I have EVER EXPERIENCED in my 30 plus years of life.

First of all I won’t list the establishment, but they are potent in the restaurant industry and it’s a well-known pizza establishment. Upon entry into the building I felt a sense of dread come over me. I just had a feeling that I was not going to be in and out like I hoped. Why? Well, I placed my order online via the restaurant’s app, so of course my order is going to be ready when I arrive, right?

Nope. Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope. I did that for a reason because count each nope and multiple it by five and that is how long I waited before I said enough is enough. I get to the window to ask the cashier about my order. Talk about disgruntled, rude and uncaring. Why this person was even at the register I cannot explain it to you. Her attitude was one of the worst that I can recall encountering in decades. She just did not care. There was no pep in her step, nor did she even try to greet the customers or ensure the line moved at a steady pace. She took her time and she didn’t care what people said or did during the process.

Making the situation worse is there is manager in the back and a host of other people literally doing nothing. I wish I had thought about this before writing this column, but I should have pulled out my smartphone and recorded what I was witnessing. I mean I don’t think corporate would be happy to see such a situation that I encountered and how this particular franchise was treating and behaving to its customers.

It wasn’t just me getting frustrated, but so were others who had placed orders before me and they were patiently waiting. Then one customer came in to pick up an order he placed by phone, and his order is not ready. They tell him an item he had was no longer in stock, so he asked for a refund. Guess what the nasty clerk did? She got sassy an attitude and completely refunded the customer’s entire order, when he simply wanted a refund for the item that was no longer in stock.

I was baffled, just baffled at the behavior I was witnessing. I got to the point like the guy ahead of me who was livid and requesting a refund because he was tired of waiting. Like the manager and the staff were getting upset that people wanted refunds after waiting almost 30 minutes plus for orders they placed online or by phone. It was befuddling. Never again, I told myself I will NEVER enter or order anything from this establishment in my life again. They should be ashamed how they treated the customers and I am going to ensure the corporate offices hear about this behavior it is simply beyond disgusting and horrid that such a thing unfolded.

If people don’t want to work, they should NOT come to work. This company may have just lost me as a customer forever because I’ve seen disturbing people work in customer service, but there are others who are just complete idiots. I mean the person making the food was eating food while making food. Who does that? Exactly my point. This is just proof that the customer service industry is not for everyone.

Written By Jason Jones