AMERICA—Former WWE wrestler, “Big Dan” Rodimer, is running for Congress as a Republican against the incumbent, Susie Lee (D-NV-3rd District) for the state of Nevada’s for the purpose of getting into Congress and according to Rodimer, “firing Nancy Pelosi” (D-CA). Suzanne Marie Kelly Lee, who goes by Susie Lee, is a non-profit executive and has been in Congress since the 2018 election.

Rodimer is called “Big Dan” partly due to his stature—6’7” tall. Rodimer is married with 5 children. He works as a volunteer at Child Haven, a charity which helps underprivileged children at Christmas, which he co-founded during his time at Ave Maria Law. He is also a small business owner and in an advisory position for the Clark County School District Safety Advisory Committee.

According to his Facebook page, Rodimer’s platform is as follows:

We will support the brave men and women in law enforcement.
We will lower medical bills and prescription drug costs.
We will secure our borders now.
We will cut our taxes and unleash the economy.
We will defend the Second Amendment.
We will protect life and the unborn.
We will back our veterans and our armed forces.
We will give our children the education they deserve.

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According to her website,, Lee’s platform is as follows:

Protection for Nevada’s public lands
Helping students during COVID-19
Bipartisan Bill to end Veteran Suicide
Benefits For Veterans
Students in National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)
Local Nevada Priorities in 2021 Appropriations Budget
Funding for Head Start and Child Nutrition Programs