HOLLYWOOD—I am seriously disappointed how the writers and the producers of “The Young and the Restless” sent out Rey Rosales. I mean the character was killed in a car crash at the hands of Victoria Newman and a bit of fog. His death almost feels like an afterthought people. It feels like two people in the entire town of Genoa City are grieving Rey’s lost: Sharon, his wife and Chelsea, who was smitten by the guy. What am I missing here?

It feels like the character didn’t even seem to matter to the rest of the residents of GC or the writers just did a poor job of delivering a satisfying exit for the character. Hell, Mariah and Tessa are still planning their wedding as if Rey didn’t die. I’m just trying to reason if the women are even aware of the plight and emotional rollercoaster that Sharon is grappling with and she is expected to show up to her daughter’s wedding as if nothing happened? Yeah, it just baffles me people I’m sorry. Chelsea was forced to grapple with her emotions, where it was apparent that Chloe was aware her bestie may have been closer to Rey emotionally than just being friends.

With that said, Victoria is emotionally grappling with the aftermath of the incident, but as a viewer I don’t yet feel it. It feels like Victoria is NOT having her feet held to the fire for her role in Rey’s death or perhaps it hasn’t happened yet. Ashland has weaseled his way back into Victoria’s heart as a result of the situation. If it wasn’t for Ashland, Victoria might be a goner people and that has her reconsidering everything that has transpired. Victoria Newman you CANNOT be this stupid. This guy lied about having cancer, about dying, he attempted to steal your family business and you’re going to open the door for him to walk back in? C’mon, and Victor wants to allow you to continue to have control of the company?

I cannot, I just cannot at this point people. Victor is already peeved he gave this guy over $500,000 million and he still did not do as expected. So Victor gives Newman Enterprises back to Victoria, allowing her to make her mother Co-CEO and not Adam. Yeah, if I were Adam I would be upset too people. The guy is more loyal to the family and the company than Victoria, Nikki and Nicholas, yet he constantly gets screwed time and time again.

The moment we had all been waiting for: Diane and Kyle comes face-to-face. Kyle was struggling with a ton of emotions after seeing his supposedly dead mother in the flesh. So was Diane people, and Kyle wanted answers as to why she abandoned him. Diane really did not have a great answer and the door has been opened, but if Jack and Phyllis have anything to say they will ensure Diane is neutralized from their lives before she can cause any harm whatsoever people. Phyllis is wiser than Jack, who doesn’t seem that this wicked foe from the past is NOT the reformed woman she claims to be people.

With that said, Kyle and Diane’s reunion was emotional and he is keeping his guard up for the time being, but another foe of Diane’s from the past, Victor made it clear if she tempts to resurrect her wicked deeds she’ll pay the price. Remember, Diane framed Nikki Newman for her murder people so Victor is not pleased that this woman who everyone thought was dead is back in the flesh to cause more havoc. Victor you might want to focus on Ashland Locke right now, not Diane Jenkins.