WEST HOLLYWOOD—Fierce, fun, edgy and brave are just some of the words that describe Samantha Marq. Samantha emerges on the music scene with a voice and style that defy club scene complacency. The beauty has her own unique style that sets her apart from the rest of the singers that are cropping up all over L.A. As a young woman Samantha watched stars such as Justin Timberlake create songs in her father’s, Michael Marquart, prestigious recording studio. This amazing young artist performs with style and sensuality, but her beautiful voice blasts with genuine talent. This week Canyon News spoke with the up and coming singer about her solid background in the industry and how she learned to market herself differently from other starlets.

Q-Samantha, I like how you try to teach women how to love yourself over being in love with the wrong person. Did you learn this from personal experience?

A-“At some point or another, every girl experiences a breakup that shakes her self-confidence. It’s inevitable. So it is important to know how to bounce back from situations like that. For some people it takes longer than others to really love yourself again, but the sooner you recognize your strength and power as a woman, the better!”

Q-You didn’t just show up in Hollywood wanting to become a star, you actually planned and thought very carefully about how to market yourself. What is your educational background?

A-“The first thing I did when I moved to California was go to school. I think having a good education is crucial for anything you do in life, regardless of your profession. I wanted to know about the business I was getting into, but also I wanted to know how to market myself. So, I graduated from Pepperdine University with a degree in Integrated Marketing Communications. From there I developed the skills to write out a creative and detailed marketing plan for my career…and here I am.”

Q-What benefits have you found in making sure you know the business-side of the music industry?

A-“The best part about knowing how the business works is how shocked other people are when they find out I actually know what I am talking about. It is difficult trying to get into the industry as a young girl. My look practically screams take advantage of me. So people are especially surprised when they find out I am not anywhere near as naive as they might assume. It is so easy to get duped in this business, so it has always been my priority to know the ins and outs of the industry to prevent that from happening.”

Q-Many young women I’ve interviewed in a similar position as you are, do not like being considered a role model for young girls. However, you are one. How do you handle that?

A-“I think the people who don’t like to be considered a role model for girls are just scared of the responsibility that comes with such a title. I know how impressionable these young girls are who listen to pop music… I used to be one of them. Now, being on the other side, I am definitely conscious of my actions. Having the ability to make a difference in someone else’s life is a gift, not a hindrance.”

Q-How do you define your musical style?

A-“The beats are very hip hop with R&B melody lines. I would have to say it is a combination of Justin Timberlake, Black Eyed Peas and Aaliyah.”

Q-What is the title of your recent CD and where can people purchase your music?

A-“My album is called ”˜The Evolution of Love in Dysfunction.’ My first single is out now and it is called ”˜Super Girl.’ You can download it for free on my website samanthamarq.com. It is available on iTunes as well. Also, follow me on twitter @samanthamarq to stay up to date on when my next single comes out!”


Photograph Courtesy: Vivien Killilea