STUDIO CITY—On Friday, October 16, the 101 freeway was closed in both directions for four hours due to a potential suicidal jumper.

At around 1:30 p.m. authorities were summoned to an overpass, where a man in his 30s had been loitering. It was reported that as soon as the police arrived, the man threatened to jump from the overpass and unto the freeway below.

In order to prevent any serious injury, the freeway was closed. The northbound lane was shut down at the Lankershim Boulevard exit. The southbound lane was closed at the Cahuenga Boulevard exit.

Firefighters assisted authorities in controlling the situation. They used three big yellow inflatable cushions and set them up beneath the man. The cushions were moved periodically, as the man paced back and forth along the overpass.

After four hours of coaxing from the police, he came down voluntarily from the overpass and was taken straight into custody.

The incident concluded shortly after 5 p.m. and the 101 freeway was re-opened around 6 p.m.